Cultural Achievement

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Recent winners of this award include:

Marta Fidela Gladys Cruz Cerón, Bolivia, 2010 Born blind, Cruz Cerón has made it her mission to use her first-hand experience as a way to raise awareness for others who are disabled. Her ability to share this daily experience with them has made her an advocate for all who are handicapped. Cruz Cerón’s goal is to show the world that those who are disabled have the capability to fully function and participate in mainstream society.

Cruz Cerón also founded the Center for Counseling and Training in Special Education of the Blind and Integral. Through this center, she promotes the socialization of blindness, provides Braille and sign language instruction and offers resources for the prevention and treatment of blindness. She encourages special education as a way for the blind to integrate with the sighted.

Her dedication to helping those with disabilities reached a new level when she fought for government support in Potosi, Bolivia. Cruz Cerón received enough support to have a square built to commemorate those who encourage special education. Through her campaigns, the city of Potosi was honored with the title of the Cradle of Special Education in America. Her hard work and faith in the people of society show that service to others has no boundaries.