Academic Leadership

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Recent winners of this award include:

Abra Tenu, Togo, 2011. At the young age of 14, Abra Tenu realized many children in her town were unable to continue receiving education due to lack of funding and support from their families. She decided to find a solution for this problem and provide free education for these children from her home. Tenu founded the St. Therese de l’Enfant Jesus association to raise funding for school supplies and continue to support the children’s education.

With the help of community partners, her association constructed a small school and community center, allowing her to take on more students, who now have access to a library, a computer room and a safe place for games and social activities. She also worked with a Village Development Committee to start a project improving the water and sanitation conditions in her community.

Tenu’s compassion and concern for the local children make her a role model to youth everywhere. She dedicates her time and efforts to helping others succeed through education because she understands its importance for every child’s future.