TOYP Testimonials

Please see below for testimonials from past JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Honorees


"I am delighted to promote the JCI TOYP award andTOYP » 2014 TOYP Winners » Gerard Jones.jpg I would recommend any to nominate inspirational people that have helped change the world in some way.

As an JCI TOYP winner in 2014, I was immensely proud to be listed among the ten most outstanding young persons in the UK, and find this opportunity a great way to showcase the hard work and achievements young people are making across a range of disciplines."

Gerard Jones, 2014 UK Ten Outstanding Young Person Honoree




"I was thrilled to be chosen asTOYP » 2014 TOYP Winners » Alex Swallow a National TOYP winner last year. You only need to look at the long list of inspirational people who have won TOYP Awards in the past to realize what an honour it is. I was particularly pleased to be successful in the 'Voluntary Leadership' category because I have a great passion for charities and the good that they can bring into the world."

Alex Swallow, 2014 UK Ten Outstanding Young Person Honoree




"The TOYP award really was one of the hTOYP » Kat Sparkes.pngighlights of my life so far.

Just going to collect the award was an experience in itself; I got to go to Taipei in Taiwan and stay at the beautiful Grand Hotel, definitely a once in a lifetime event. I also got thrown in at the deep end with public speaking, making my first ever speech in front of 5,000 people in one of the world’s most beautiful venues, the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.
As wonderful as all this was, what really made the award special was getting to meet the other winners – incredible, inspirational people who I was lucky enough to spend time with and learn first-hand about the amazing ways in which they’re changing the world.
I’ve stayed in touch with many of them, and even collaborated on projects since our return.
I also made a new friend in the Director of ‘Nothing But Nets’, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation. During our stay in Taipei, we climbed a mountain together getting people to sponsor us by donating a mosquito net for each metre climbed. We braved wild dogs, spiders and rainforest terrain to get the peak of Elephant and Tiger Mountains. The unforgettable views, swarms of wild yellow butterflies at the summit, and of course, the knowledge that we’d helped purchase mosquito nets for those who need them most made it all worthwhile.
What’s more – TOYP introduced me to the world of JCI. Over the last year JCI has shown incredible support for our charity, the Flamingo Foundation with members collecting 3,500 bras for our bra campaign, which helps women in developing countries support themselves. Most recently, they’ve donated 4,000 pairs of pants for our festive ‘Under crackers' campaign providing clean, new undergarments to the homeless (the hardest piece of clothing to come by if you’re living on the streets).
In the end, it’s that sort of thing that made winning a TOYP award so great. Aside from being a wonderful experience in itself, it’s introduced me to a host of driven, talented and well-connected people. And that’s what it’s all about really."

Katherine Sparkes, 2012 Global Ten Outstanding Young Person Honoree


"Being awarded a global TOYP award was not only an incredible honour, but it bTOYP » Emily Cummins.jpgrought with it many benefits. I have a great network of support from the JCI members I have met, as well as having a greater platform to promote my products, and inspire the next generation of young people to challenge themselves and make a difference."

Emily Cummins, 2010 Global Ten Outstanding Young Person Honoree