Ten Outstanding Young Persons - Frequently asked questions

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How do I apply or nominate somebody?

You will need to complete our online form with some basic information and then answer these six questions:

  • Outline the timeline of the nominee’s career or field of activity (up to 1500 words)
  • Provide additional details on the exceptional achievements of the nominee, and/or the challenges he/she has overcome to achieve them (up to 500 words)
  • List important awards and honours the nominee received that illustrate his/her achievements. Include a brief description of each (up to 500 words)
  • List any quotes from authorities that illustrate his/her achievements (up to 500 words)
  • Explain how the nominee exemplifies the principle expressed in the following line of the JCI Creed, “That service to humanity is the best work of life.” (up to 500 words)
  • In your own words, why do you believe that the nominee should be selected as one of the 2016 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the UK? (up to 500 words)

Do I have to be a member of JCI to enter? 

No. Candidates can be anyone aged between 18 and 40, regardless of whether or not you are a member of JCI. Of course we would delighted for you to become more involved with JCI UK – please visit www.jciuk.org.uk for further details.

How much does it cost to enter? 

Nothing! Unlike many awards, it is free for all applicants to enter these awards.

What are the JCI values?

Our values – which applicants must display – include the following:

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Will I need to provide further information if selected as a winning candidate?

Yes. To submit your application to the global JCI competition we will require:

  • a signed declaration form;
  • a good quality 6×4 photograph; and
  • a passport or other proof of ID and nationality.

If you are shortlisted for a UK award the TOYP team will be in touch to request this information before declaring the winners and runners up in each category. You will also be asked to reconfirm that you are free to attend JCI World Congress in Canada in November 2016 (dates to be confirmed) to receive your global award if selected. The costs of this trip are funded by JCI.

Can I nominate more than one person? 

Yes – please do! Once you have created an account you may nominate as many candidates as you like. In particular, we are expecting representatives of local JCI chambers to nominate numerous candidates in a range of categories.

Can I enter more than one category?

No. Each candidate may only be submitted for one category. If unsure which category to select please email us at toyp@jciuk.org.uk.

Can you advise on individual applications? 

To remain impartial, the TOYP team cannot comment on any individual applications. If you require support from JCI to complete your application, please contact your local chamber. To find your nearest local chamber please click the Local Chambers tab at the top of this page. If you don't have a Chamber near you please email us at toyp@jciuk.org.uk

If there is anything not covered on this site that you would like further information on, please email us at toyp@jciuk.org.uk