Tips for enhancing your TOYP Application

The judges will evaluate all of the applications based on:

  1. how well they exemplify JCI values (see below);
  2. how well their achievements benefited their community, nation or the world; and
  3. how their achievements or leadership inspired others.

In addition, please ensure:

  • it is VERY clear exactly what the nominee has done and the impact they have had - don't be afraid to spell this out for the judges;
  • you use clear language, easily understood by non-native English speakers;
  • you avoid using references which would not be understood outside the UK;
  • the journey they have taken comes across - both personally and otherwise; and
  • they are being nominated in the most appropriate category. 

Other helpful hints:

  • The judging panel for the global awards (and possibly the UK awards too) will include international judges therefore do not use overly formal or acaedemic language. 
  • Please try to avoid using phrases only known in the UK (for example NVQ) as it won't be understood outside of the UK - either explain the phrase or replace it.
  • Tell a story about your/the applicants journey to include what obstacles they have overcome to get where they currently are.
  • The timeline section of the application form should outline the journey of the nominee rather than reading like a CV.
  • Please ensure you are clear as to whether somebody founded/co-founded an organisation or works there.
  • Don't simply include links to quotes but copy and paste in the highlights from online references.
  • Finally and probably most importantly check for spelling mistakes!!


  • Historically a lot of people get nominated in the Humanitarian, Business and Personal Achievement sections (that in itself is fine as we award the top 10 regardless of category) BUT this means that the application has to be outstanding.
  • For personal achievement and business we are looking for somebody being outstanding in their chosen field. We are looking for people who are outstanding in their chosen field but also give back (eg contributing to their local community).

Tips on specific sections:

  • "Explain how..." - This is the second section that the judges read, so make sure it gives an overview of why you/the nominee is truly outstanding.
  • "In your own words..." - This is the section judges often read first. So make sure all the salient points are stated in short and that your own perspective is added.
  • "Formal Publications..." - This is just for a list of publications, don't use this field for anything else. If you have no publications just write "none". Publications are not expected from everyone.
  • "Outline the timeline..." - This should outline the nominee's journey and not be a CV.

JCI values – which applicants must display – include the following:

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.