Webtaculous training

JCI website tips - how to attract new visitors to your website

Follow the instructions in this JCI Website Tips presentation and your website will look awesome and it will attract new visitors to your website.

Website training videos

Here's a list of online videos aimed at helping you to learn how to use the JCI UK website.   If you would like a video on a specific item, email the Website Manager with details.  

The videos are hidden on the JCI UK Youtube channel.  To watch a video, click the "Watch now" button.

Video Title

Video Description

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Introduction to Webtaculous
An overview of the JCI website design and the administration pages. Watch this video if you are new to the JCI website. Buttons » Watch-Now-Orange-Website-Training-Table.png
Introduction to Webtaculous Page Editor
An overview of the Page Editor, what all of the tabs do and what you need to update and why. The video also tells you what you can ignore when editing a page. Buttons » Watch-Now-Orange-Website-Training-Table.png
How to create an event on the JCI website
An introduction to the Events Diary on the JCI website and how to create an event. Buttons » Watch-Now-Orange-Website-Training-Table.png
How to add an Eventbrite ticket widget to an event       
Spruce-up your events with this cool Eventbrite ticket widget. You will get more bookings if it's easy to book a ticket! Buttons » Watch-Now-Orange-Website-Training-Table.png


Website training instructions

JCI National Borard and other chambers have contributed to various instruction documents aimed at helping you use the website.

How to...

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Add an image

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Add a file
Create and edit a page, blog or event
Add a front-page banner
Format pages - dos and don'ts