Adding a picture

Follow the instructions below on how to add pictures and files for use in blogs, events and on the website.

Adding a picture

People love to look at pictures and JCI has lots of them.  So why not use them in your blog, events or on the website?

Prepare the image

  • Before you upload an image to the "image library" you have to shrink the image so it is fit for the web. All pictures must be under 200K in size.
  • If you upload an image that is 4MB, the page and the website as a whole will load very slowly. So pay attention!
  • If you copy a photo from Facebook it will be the right size for the web. 
  • Reduce the resolution to the standard web 72 pixels/inch; browsers won't display a higher resolution so anything above that is wasted bandwidth.

Upload the image

  • Go to Global > Images
  • On the left-hand-side you will see a list of folders
  • Select a folder or select 'Create' to create a new folder
  • Folders can be renamed by selecting the 'Folder Settings' tab
  • Select the green '+' icon to upload a new image. After clicking on this icon a popup box will open - select your image and click 'Open' to upload your image.

Insert the image

  • Go to the page where you want to insert the image
  • Go to the ‘Content’ tab and position your cursor in the area of the text where you want to add an image
  • Click the image icon from the toolbar (which is the second icon in from the right) to bring up a dialog box
  • Click the "Image list" section to reveal a list of images - find your imaige in the list
  • Update the "Description" section with a description of the image
  • Update the "Title" section with a short title of the image
  • Go to the "Appearance" tab.   
  • Select the "Alignment" - this is how you would like the image to look on the page
  • Add 5 to "Vertical space" and "Horizontal space" so your image is not too close to the text on the page
  • Click ‘Insert’.
  • Preview the page by using the "Preview" tab.