Adding a blog entry

This "how to" will take you through the steps of how to create a blog on the JCI website along with some useful tips.

What you will need

  • Access to your chamber's administration page
  • A topic you want to blog about - see writing a blog for inspirational ideas
  • Pictures you want to include in your blog
  • Video links you want to embed or link-to in your blog

Adding a blog

Follow these instruction to publish a blog onto the JCI website:

  • Go to Blog at the top menu and select Posts from the dropdown list
  • Choose a category for your blog post. If you do not choose a category your post will not appear.
  • New categories can be added by clicking create. Double click on a category to rename it. We should not have too many categories - make sure topics are relevant.
  • Click new post
  • Add a title - this should be descriptive but short
  • Published - click now to add date of publication. You can edit this if you want to back-date your post.
  • Add your content to the editor under post.
  • Pictures make posts more interesting - see how to add pictures below.
  • Links (e.g. to a speaker's website) and e-mail addresses can be added by highlighting the text to be a link and using the link button.
  • Other categories can be left blank.
  • Click save draft at the top of the page, then publish.


Add pictures

People love to look at photos. It is good if we have images in blog posts. They can also be added to event descriptions.

See adding images and files for instructions.

Before you upload an image to the "image library" you have to shrink the image so it is fit for the web. All pictures must be under 200 kb. If you upload an image that is 4 MB the website will load very slowly, not only the page it is on, but the whole website. So pay attention! If you copy a photo from Facebook it will be the right size for the web. Reduce the resolution to the standard web 72 pixels/inch; browsers won't display a higher resolution so anything above that is wasted bandwidth.

Upload the image

  • Go to Global > Images
  • Folders are set up in a tree listing and can be renamed by selecting the 'Folder Settings' tab
  • Select a folder or select 'Create' to create a new folder
  • Select the '+' icon within the image area to upload a new image. After clicking on this icon a popup box will open - select your image and click 'Open' to upload your image.

Insert the image

  • Go to the event or blog section and select the page you want to add an image to
  • When you have selected your page, go to the ‘Content’ tab and select the area of body text you want to add an image to
  • Click the image icon and select your uploaded image from the image list. Give the image a description and short title
  • Go to Appearance.   Select the alignment, size and border for the picture.  Experimentation necessary here!
  • Click ‘Insert’.
  • You can go back into the image and edit it by right clicking on the image and selecting insert/edit image.