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MailChimp has created lots of how-to videos.  Take a look at what you can do on the MailChimp Support page. The really useful videos are linked below for your convenience.

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How not to be a bad email marketer Learn about what not to do about email marketing. Buttons » Watch-Now-Orange-Website-Training-Table.png
How to create and send a campaign
An introduction into how to create and send an email campaigh using MailChimp. Buttons » Watch-Now-Orange-Website-Training-Table.png
How to upload and use images and files in a campaign A campaign which has pictures can look professional.  Spend the time learning how to upload images and files toi make your campaign really engaging. Buttons » Watch-Now-Orange-Website-Training-Table.png


How to import the JCI UK MailChimp template into MailChimp

How to import the JCI UK template into MailChimp

  1. Download these files and save them to your computer (remember the folder name where you saved the files)
    1. Email template (.html file)
    2. Email header image
  2. Login to mailChimp
  3. Click on Dashboard (if not already there)
  4. Top left hand side, click “My Templates” to show a list of your templates (if any)
  5. Bottom-right, click “Import” to import a template from a file
  6. Click “Browse...” and select the template you saved to disk
  7. Give the template a name in the Template Name text box
  8. Click “Upload”
  9. The template will be loaded and will be shown in the “My Templates” page

How to taylor the template to your JCI chapter

  1. Hover your mouse over the template and click “Edit”
  2. The template will be shown which may include references to Portsmouth.  We will change these now.
  3. he top banner does not need to change (Join JCI for just £10 a month)
  4. The top-middle banner does need changing (it needs to show your chamber name)
  5. Hover over the banner and click “Change”, click “Browse” and select the banner you were sent in an email. 
  6. The Image Properties will load.
  7. Add a description of the image i.e. JCI Portsmouth Logo
  8. Add a URL for the image i.e.
  9. Click “Save & Insert Image”
  10. The banner should now show your chamber banner

Other sections of the template:

  1. The left-hand section is for the email text.  Keep this text minimal as it will always change. Just the standard greetings should be stored in the template.
  2. The right-hand section is for your chamber's upcoming events.  You can customise this as you see fit. 
  3. The footer is used for contact details.  You can customise this as you see fit. 

Once you're happy with the template, click “Save & Exit”.

You can start your first campaign as follows:

  1. Ensure the “My Templates” page is shown
  2. Hover your mouse over the template and click “Send Campaign”