JCI marketing tools

  1. JCI UK marketing resources
  2. JCI International marketing resources

Here is a list of useful information for you to learn how to use market your chamber better.

JCI UK marketing resources

  1. Writing a blog gives you lots of ideas on what to blog about and how to make it attractive and engaging.

  2. Marketing plan gives you the tools and know-how about making a marketing plan for your chamber.

  3. Making a JCI video is a great place to start when making your first JCI video.


JCI International marketing resources

The JCI international organisation website contains lots of useful information and documents which chambers can use to build their marketing plan.  Some are listed below.

The JCI Marketing Manual

The sections of the JCI Marketing Manual include:

  • JCI Messaging and Branding
  • Marketing Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications

Other useful appendices:

  • How to Write Effectively
  • Media Relations
  • Communicating with Design and Images
  • Web Content Guide
  • JCI World Headquarters Marketing Resources

Other JCI marketing resources

JCI marketing downloads

  • JCI videos for chambers to link to on their website or social media.
  • JCI banners for use in emails or newsletters
  • JCI templates including a JCI PowerPoint template, JCI certificate and JCI brochure
  • JCI images including Be Better
  • UN Millennium Development Goals Posters 

JCI corporate identity: