Local chamber tools

The JCI international organisation has created a local organisation toolkit for chambers.

Local Resources (from JCI UK)

The resources below are specific to JCI UK.

JCI UK Pathways - a programme designed to guide new members through the varied opportunities offered as part of JCI membership.  Local chambers are encourage to incorporate Pathways into their plans for new members.


Local Action Guides (from JCI International)

Guides on how to perform duties as a JCI Local Organization Officer. A variety of guides offer information on how to run: Marketing and Communications, Meetings, Membership, Officers, and Projects.

Administration and Management

14-Local Administrative Structure.pdf
15-Local Plan of Action.pdf
15-Local Strategic Planning.pdf
16-Budget and Sponsorship Guide.pdf
17-Local Protocol.pdf

Marketing and Communications

18-Marketing Plan.pdf
19-Internal Communications.pdf
20-External Communications.pdf
21-Website Administration.pdf


22-Planning Meetings.pdf
23-Local Meetings.pdf
24-Chairing Meetings.pdf
25-Parliamentary Procedures.pdf


1-The JCI Member.pdf
2-Membership Growth.pdf
3-Membership Involvement.pdf
4-Membership Retention.pdf


11-Local Secretary.pdf
12-Local Treasurer.pdf
13-Local Director.pdf
5-Local Board of Directors.pdf
6-Local President.pdf
7-Local Immediate Past President.pdf


26-Local Project Planning Process.pdf
27-Local Project Plan of Action.pdf