Leadership Excellence in Action Programme

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JCI UK is proud to present 'LEAP' our Leadership Excellence in Action Programme!   

LEAP is a weekend leadership academy held annually towards the end of the summer.  Delegates come from chambers across the UK, as well as internationally, to take part in this flagship training programme.

The programme was devised by Dan Senter of JCI Sheffield in 2012 with the aim "To equip young people with the skills they need to provide development opportunities to create positive change".  

LEAP » LEAP presentations 2012.jpgPersonal development is one of the core areas of opportunity offered within JCI and we believe in developing the leadership skills of our members so they have the confidence and authority to make a real difference in their business, their community and their personal life.

Whether you are working for yourself, working for someone else or looking to take on a role within your local chamber, you will undoubtedly need to lead others. Over the course of the weekend participants are given the opportunity to develop skills and pick up the tools required to become an inspirational leader who can create positive change! 

LEAP » LEAP Learning.jpgCourse themes:

  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Motivation and leadership of a team
  • Tips and tools for effective leaders
  • Leadership opportunities and challenges in JCI

What is involved? - The weekend is a highly interactive series of training sessions including team building exercises, structured discussions, group work and seminars, all facilitated by our experienced team of JCI trainers.  As JCI encourages continual learning opportunities, LEAP graduates are encouraged to develop a new set of skills by getting involved in organising the academy in the year following graduation.

Who can come? - The programme is targeted at current and future leaders within JCI. Non-JCI members can attend for a higher cost.

Want to find out more? - You can view blog posts about LEAP here:  www.jciuk.org.uk/blog/leap

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JCI UK is extrememly grateful to the JCI UK Foundation for their ongoing support for LEAP. 

If you have any questions about LEAP please email leap@jciuk.org.uk or speak to a member of your local Council Team who may have attended LEAP or should know someone that has. 

LEAP 2017 will be taking place on the weekend of 12-14 May 2017.