National Training Team (NTT)

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JCI UK formed the National Training Team (NTT) in the autumn of 2015. The purpose of the team is to support individuals who either are already training JCI Courses or would like to train these courses in the near future. One of the key areas of Personal Development is to give poeple the opportunity to learn new things. The introduction of the NTT will allow more training courses to be run and will also give members who are interested in becoming JCI trainers the skills and opportunity to do so.

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To support members who wish to become trainers JCI UK is hosting its first Training Academy in June 2016. This is open to any member who wishes to develop their training skills. To become a member of the NTT members must have met several criteria or commit to meeting these criteria within 2 months of the training academy and will only be able to join once they meet these criteria. The importance of achieving these defined points is so that members have the necessary knowledge of JCI to be able to deliver courses to inspire new and future members.


In addition to the Training Academy members of the training team will be paired up so that the more experienced trainers are there to mentor and support newer trainers. This will help facilitate the sharing of best practice, as well as boosting the confidence and skills of the training team.

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Why get involved in training?

"For me the magic thing about training is seeing the difference you've made to someone you've trained. Either in very visible terms, for example from the beginning to end of a public speaking session or pehaps sometime afterwards when a delegate comes up to you and tells you that something you taught them in a training session helped them somehow." Sarah Beckwith, 2016 JCI UK National President and Platinum Trainer.


To join the team and to download an application for please click here

To join the team members will need to have attended the following courses (or be booked to attend them soon)

1) Has attended and passed the tests for JCI Impact and JCI Achieve (in the last 3 years)

2) Has attended 2 out of 3 of the following: JCI Presenter; JCI Admin and LEAP.

For full details about the requirements about joining the National Training Team please refer to the Training Policy by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the National Training Team or any questions about Personal Development opportunities in JCI UK please send an email to our 2016 Personal Development Director James Lambert