Nothing brings people together like a common goal. Deep and lasting friendships are forged when you collaborate closely with others on a project.

Meet new people and make new friends

When you join JCI, you enjoy countless opportunities to learn and work with other like-minded and proactive people. So your social life will become richer – that’ s pretty much inevitable!

And when you’re surrounded by people that want you to succeed, you will succeed.

JCI social events 

Though we say it ourselves, JCI’s social events can’t be beaten. At international conferences, you’ll party with thousands of people from around the world. Back at home, your local chamber’s annual dinners are an opportunity to recognise outstanding projects and individuals, creating an unforgettably uplifting atmosphere.

At the end of the year, JCI UK recognises the various achievements of the local chambers.This awards ceremony takes place at our National Convention – a great chance to celebrate your chamber’s achievements.

Worldwide networking

Expanding your network is all about building relationships. JCI offers you the chance to do this by getting to know people locally, nationally and internationally in a relaxed environment. At every event you attend, you will make new contacts, pick up fresh ideas and come away inspired.