Business is a key JCI theme

Each chamber runs a broad range of business activities and events several times a year. As a member, you get the chance to do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to (or which would cost a small fortune!). 

Examples include: seminars with high-profile corporate bosses from blue-chip companies, networking, going behind-the-scenes at local companies, running successful enterprise projects and talks by entrepreneurs.
JCI UK’s business events and activities complement our other themes, such as community and personal development and training.

Get new insights and network with other young professionals

Any member can take part in JCI’s business programme. So whether you own a business yourself, want to start up a new company or are a staff member, you will have the chance to:

  • networkTraining event at JCI European Conference in Budapest
  • get insights into different firms and ventures
  • pick up business advice
  • see how other businesses work
  • pick up new skills
  • consolidate your training
  • get fresh ideas
  • enjoy yourself

Business events include:

  • Annual business lectures, which are often a major feature in a community's business calendar
  • Networking events, from informal events and speed networking to structured sessions led by a prominent local business person
  • Business visits – members have recently visited Coca-Cola’s huge plant at Wakefield, Drax Power Station near Selby, Doncaster/Sheffield Airport, Bank of England and Canary Wharf Group
  • Many chambers also have close links with their local Chambers of Commerce, and members sometimes work in tandem with prominent members of their business communities.

Patrons and Partners

JCI UK’s chambers also feature in the local business scene through patrons and partners.

These are companies and organisations that provide sponsorship and encourage their staff to become involved – sometimes even paying for their employees’ JCI membership.
These relationships offer companies the chance to help their staff develop outside of the office. Patrons can become involved with JCI as a way of contributing to their own corporate social responsibility policies, as well as benefiting from marketing and PR opportunities.

"Having been a member of JCI many years ago, I am delighted to see that through corporate sponsorship in JCI, young employees thrive through their involvement in JCI.

Walker Morris was the main sponsor of the JCI UK National Conference ’Creativity and Leadership’ in Leeds and is proud that one of the firm's employees has received national recognition by the JCI UK award of ‘Most Outstanding New Member’.

It is very positive to see young people involved in JCI making a real difference on a local, national and international level. Investing in young talents means investing in the future – JCI is a excellent medium for this."

Patrick Cantrill, Partner and Head of IP at Walker Morris

JCI’s Strategic Alliances

JCI UK also has strategic alliances with groups such as The Prince’s Trust.

As a member, this means that you have the chance to run enterprise projects with the aim of raising funds for good causes. These schemes help you put into practice the skills that you develop through business events (business-plan writing and marketing, for example). They are invariably highly rewarding.

In the past, members have even run a challenging city-wide fundraising event involving staff from several major firms. The JCI members responsible felt a huge sense of achievement.
Read more about JCI’s strategic alliances.