Get involved

JCI has five areas of opportunities: business, training, community, international and social. They all go together and the mix makes JCI a great organisation for you to develop your skills in.

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Get involved, make friends and develop new skills

By getting involved you will get to know JCI faster. And you’ll also see what you can do for JCI. You'll get practical hands-on experience when planning the event calendar of the year, being part of a project team or as a member of the local JCI board.

To be involved is a very powerful way of networking and often leads to new career and business opportunities.

"You, the individual members make the difference. Positive illusion from
each one of us can change the world and make our world better."
Jun Sup Shin, 2009 JCI World President 


Suggest new projects and events

All JCI members can suggest new projects and ideas. It's not only up to the people in the council to do so. You can arrange an event with an inspiring speaker, raise money for a charity, start a menton programme, arrange a speednetworking event with an other network. Think big for your local chamber. Set challenging goals for yourself. People love to be involved in projects and it's when working together you'll bond with the other members. Remember if you are not happy about something, then you do something about it. To start a new team or a project talk to your local president.

If JCI had a career ladder, it would look like this:

  • Start in your local chamber
  • Move on to the national level
  • Put yourself forward for an international position

During your time with JCI, you can stand for all sorts of local, national and international positions. Many positions can be held for only one year, and only once. This means that, if you want, you can progress your JCI ‘career’ quickly. It also means you only have one chance to have an impact.

Contact JCI UK's national board or your local JCI chamber for more information. 


Getting involved means that you have the chance to have an impact,
and everything starts with the impact of one. It can be you!