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DIRECTORS ACADEMY - Empowering Tomorrow's Directors!

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Event Type: Business
Venue: Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University
Date: 5th Oct, 2013
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Price: £50
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90% of the world's top investors rank the board of directors as the most important factor in whether a business succeeds or fails. But don't forget, business success is not just about making a profit; it's also about Sustainability, Risk management and Social responsibility.


Whether it’s the advisory board of a Start-Up, the non-executive board of a Corporate, or the executive board of a Non-Profit, it's the board of directors' collective wisdom that helps an organisation grow and sustain itself. There is a high demand for this collective wisdom, a wisdom that comes from all age groups, backgrounds and skills sets, and in today's competitive business climate, organisations are constantly on the look out for knowledgeable directors.


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With this in mind, JCI London and the IoD are piloting a project called Directors Academy whereby professional knowledge and training on Directorship will be provided in order to create more effective directors - which in turn will help your career, your business or your organisation.


The IoD, Institute of Directors, is the UK's largest organisation for directors and professional leaders. It creates effective directors by providing professional training and by supporting organisational leaders and directors in fulfilling their responsibilities. JCI London are hugely thankful to the IoD for helping us provide this training at such a subsidised price which normally costs more than £1200.

What can you expect:

In this academy, we will be explaining the Core roles and responsibilities of directors and the Board. We will also be explaining how to build an effective board for your organisation; whether its startup company, corporate, charity or non-profit. The experts will then share with you their own experiences of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly in the boardroom, and will look at examples of challenging situations, the board's reaction and the decisions they took. We will also be simulating a Boardroom for you to practice what you learned - with experts guiding you through the whole process. Finally, there will be lots of opportunities to share experiences and contribute throughout the day, and you will come away with a heap of knowledge and techniques which you can start applying in your business straight away.

Our Trainers/Panelists include:
Paul Munden
Josephine Swinhoe
Alan Edwards
Marcus Orlovsky
Marcus Evans
Alexander Swallow
and more entrepreneurs

Many surprises are  waiting for you. Number of tickets is limited - book your tickets NOW to avoid disappointment. To talk or know more about this event or for Group Discounts, please contact: Nahas Abdul Jaleel (, Business Director, JCI London. Mobile: 07969752673 


Why a startup company or charities need board of directors are articulated in links below:–-even-if-you’re-not-funded/