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JCI Know How Transfer at the European Parliament

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Event Type: International
Venue: Brussels
Date: 2nd Oct, 2011 to 5th Oct, 2011
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Join JCI members from all across Europe for an inside scoop on what's really going on at the EU.

JCI members get to learn from the experts in EU about how the EU really works, what's the big thing at the moment and how to lobby the EU. Members then shadow a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for two whole days, learning what they are doing in practice, seeing what's really going on.

In addition to the shadowing and the first day of lectures the evenings are filled with receptions and dinners so that participants really get to see what life in the EU capital is like.

You have to be a JCI member to participate at this event. 

The event starts Sunday afternoon and continues through Wednesday with daytime and evening events. The price does not include accomodation.

If you have any questions about the event, you can get in touch with Solveig Malvik from JCI London who is a past participant of the JCI KHT. To register please contact International Director Carrie Green.   

Hear programme coordinator Diana Stulgys talk about the event on audioboo

A report by Solveig Malvik, JCI London member (6th-8th October, 2008, Brussels)

JCI Know-How Transfer (KHT) programs are events that enable JCI members to learn about the functions of national and international parliaments.

In addition to introducing the various institutions to JCI members, these programs also introduce JCI to the institutions.

The JCI-EU KHT in Brussels consisted of a combination of lectures and meetings with people connected to the institution, evening receptions related to the program, and almost two full days where we shadowed an individual Member of European Parliament (MEP).

The program was very interesting and busy. The first day we had lectures on how the EU works, as well as EU’s energy policies and initiatives regarding SMEs and entrepreneurs, and a lecture by a very experienced lobby representative to the EU. In the evening we had a reception at the Hungarian delegation to the EU, where we got to learn about the JCI Europe Conference in Budapest in June 2009.

The second day started with a welcoming speech at the “Salon Presidentiel” on the very top of one of the main EU buildings by Vice President of the Parliament Dr. Ingo Friedrich. It was an informal talk, and we got to ask as many questions as we wanted.

After the speech the assistants of the different MEPs came to pick up their JCI member. That is, all of them except mine, British MEP Chris Davies, because he did not know I was coming as we had the wrong email address. But we got hold of him, and I was able to participate in all his meetings and activities for the next two days, from press conferences, voting in committee, meeting with lobby interests and party meetings with other UK representatives.

One of the key questions during the program was not what we could learn or gain from the EU, but how we as an EU wide organization can work with the EU in promoting active citizenship and entrepreneurship within our communities.

One participant from The Netherlands managed to get an especially good contact with “his” MEP by asking her as his first question “what can JCI do for you?”

Many of the MEPs have not heard of JCI and do not know what we stand for. Therefore, it is important that the members are prepared to be good ambassadors to the individual MEP, and the institution as a whole.

The EU and JCI have many similar goals; both of us want to promote CSR, entrepreneurship and active citizenry. Through our local and regional organizations we can provide the EU with advice on the needs of entrepreneurs, feedback on what is working and not, we can spread the word about new EU initiatives and legislation, and through more and closer cooperation with the EU we can give our members access to the EU, its institutions and resources.

It was a very interesting program and I gained valuable insight in how the EU works and how decisions are made within the EU. JCI-KHT EU is a program I recommend for anyone interested in how our European community works and how policies that affect our daily life is created.