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JCI Trainer - How to get your point across in a better way

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Event Type: Training
Venue: London, Euston Square Hotel
Date: 5th Feb, 2011 to 6th Feb, 2011
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JCI Trainer is a fantastic training for you who want to know more about how adults learn. This is the second step in the JCI trainer ladder and is open for everyone who has taken JCI Presenter. It's a great course to learn about adult learning, how to get your points across in the best way. You'll develop your confidence in presenting complex information in an interesting way, plus that you'll increase your ability to motivate JCI images » Public_speaking.jpgothers. 

We all do training in our jobs, teach colleagues new theories and skills, at this course you'll learn some of the secrets about how do this successfully. 

The training is over two days, Saturday and Sunday. 

The venue is Euston Square Hotel in Central London. 

Length: 2 full days
Participants: Minimum 6 and maximum 20
Price: £75 (or £90 for both JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer)
How to register? Email Dan Lally on

JCI Presenter takes place in Reading Sunday 30th January

Module 1 – Opening: The opening module sets the tone and introduces the content and concept of the course besides all other aspects relevant to participants. It will also bring up the bridge to the next module.

Module 2 – Training Adults: This module will focus on the various adult learning styles, how different people learn in different ways and training must be varied to cover all learning styles. Training must be relevant and enable the participant to use the information as soon as they leave the training course.

Module 3 – Training Course Development: During this module, participants will receive the course topic and will learn how to write a training course. The module will focus on developing the course objectives, the main points and the notes for the trainer.

Module 4 – Training Presentation: Teams will be presenting the first part of the training course they are creating. The module will also discuss the application of the adult learning styles in conducting training and the use of the adult learning circle to ensure all preferences receive equal attention.

Module 5 – Training Methods: This module covers the various training methods to transfer the knowledge from the trainer to the participant. It will relate the learning styles to the methods to be used, what learning activities can help to enhance learning and the level of impact the trainer wants to accomplish with the training.

Module 6 – Training Resources: This module will cover the usual and unusual training resources a trainer can use to enhance the learning experience for the participants. The module will also cover the use of PowerPoint™ and flip chart to enhance the course delivery.

Module 7 – Your Trainer Style and Profile: This module teaches how to develop your own training style and how to prepare a training profile to promote yourself as a JCI Trainer.

Module 8 – Your Trainer Standards: This module covers the responsibilities of a JCI Trainer and the different cultures and issues to take in consideration for a JCI Trainer representing JCI.

Module 9 – Team Presentations: Training Teams will have the opportunity to present their course and to showcase the skills they have learned during the course. Feedback will be provided at the end of the presentations. This module may take more or less time depending on the number of teams.

Module 10 – Evaluating Training: This module will discuss the need of some evaluation of the training, the elements to be evaluated, how to prepare an evaluation form and when evaluate the course and participants.

Module 11 – Closing: The last part of the JCI Trainer course. The Head Trainer will cover the next steps to accreditation in the JCI Training certification program, conduct an open forum and hand out the certificates.