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28th Mar, 2014

Congratulations JCI Canary Wharf!
by Sarah Beckwith on March 28, 2014 12:16


Oh what a night! On Tuesday 25 March, over 70 people gathered to celebrate JCI Canary Wharf becoming JCI UK's newest affiliated chamber. And boy do these guys know how to celebrate!

The views from over the skyscrapers and water of Canary Wharf from the 48th floor Attic bar were stunning. There were great speeches explaining why the chamber was started, what it is setting out to achieve and what members can gain from JCI. The achievements of the members were recognised with awards for innovation, excellence and leadership. 

Blog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party View2.jpgBlog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party View1.jpg

Attendees were treated to the best views over Canary Wharf

The Canary Wharf team have worked really hard and have already achieved an incredible amount. They have a vision (Lead you Life), they have already hosted many successful events and have some brilliant community projects in the pipeline. It is no surprise they have experienced 80% membership growth so far this year and have some very big ambitions for the rest of the year.

What strikes me is how much of a team they are. A team that is supportive, a team that is excited and a team that is having fun. Most of all a team that is open and encouraging others to join them, something I'm sure they'll have no trouble with.

Blog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Packed Room.jpgBlog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Organising Team.jpg

The room was packed with JCI Canary Wharf members, members from sister chamber JCI London, senators and non-members (also known as potential members) thanks to the hard work of organising team Leena, Ilario and Nabiil

President, Michela Pascucci, on behalf of the chamber graciously thanked members, senators and national board directors who have helped out and were there to support them. In fact I think we should be thanking them. It is seeing the success of a new chamber like Canary Wharf that inspires and motivates me as a national board member. I feel very lucky to have been able to play my part, however small, in their journey so far.

Deputy National President, Drew Charman, had this to say:

"It was a fantastic event. The energy and buzz in the room was electric. Both Michela Pascucci and Kate Senter gave amazing and inspiring speeches - it was one of those genuine moments that I was filled to the brim with pride at being both a member of JCI and a member of the National Board team".

Blog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Awards.jpgBlog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Awards 2.jpg 

Members were recognised for their contribution to the organisation

The JCI Canary Wharf affiliation party was the very definition of a great JCI event - I came away with a huge smile on my face thanks to all the fantastic people I met (and wanting to run home and write a blog to shout about it!). I loved speaking to new and potential members of the chamber, answering their questions and hearing about their aspirations for their membership.

Congratulations JCI Canary Wharf - I can't wait to see your chamber's story unfold.


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7th Apr, 2013

JCI Birmingham Lanuch Event Success
by Paul Thwaite on April 7, 2013 20:16


Thursday 14th March finally saw the launch night of JCI Birmingham after 8 years of lying in sleep! The event was designed to help give people the necessary info they needed about just what Junior Chamber International is and can offer them as well as introducing our chosen charity for the year, Help Harry Help Blog » New members events » DSCN0402.JPGOthers.

Guest speakers for the night were JCI UK National President Emma Eastwood, Barry Hall and Daniel Clark from BPP, our event sponsors and Georgie Moseley of Help Harry Help Others. Between myself as MC and Emma we covered off what JCI stands for and gave some perspective about what we have gained from our membership. Barry and Daniel talked about what BPP can offer and the fantastic Vanta Centre, designed for collaboration working.

Our final speaker was the inspirational Georgie, who was delivering her late son Harry's message. Harry dedicated his last few years to raising funds for cancer research by making and selling bracelets and inspiring school children to set up their own bracelet making businesses. Georgie spoke with such passion and delivered a heartfelt message of just what the charity is striving for and how JCI Birmingham members can help support their aims and work together.

After the talks we moved onto networking and a chance for everyone to buy their own Help Harry Help Others bracelet. The networking continued for well over an hour and by the end of the night I was a very happy President with 5 new membership forms in my hand! We'd gathered contact details for everyone in the room, spread the JCI word and had fun along the way, just JCI is all about.

I'm really looking forward to working with our new members over the coming months and watching them grow on their JCI journey.

Blog » New members events » DSCN0419.JPG

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24th Oct, 2012

JCI London TEDxSquareMile
by Soraya Bowen on October 24, 2012 20:32


The JCI London team are but days away from the TEDxSquareMile event that will take place on Saturday 27 October in London - and we're pleased to report that the event sold out a week in advance!

The JCI London team, led by member Dexter Dash have been working on this project for 7 months and have worked tirelessly to make this a an extraordinary event in the heart of London. With 15 speakers, 15 performers with two acts, a film crew, two photographers, 6 sponsors, two journalists and an audience waiting list in double figures, we hope to broaden the JCI footprint by a 70/30 split of non JCI guest to JCI members in attendance.

Dexter Dash

The theme of the event is: Future of work, power to make a difference and will feature speakers including Tony Buzan (Mindmaps) , Dr Graeme Codrington, Karen Darby, David Villa-Clarke, Sinead Mac Manus, Michael Heppell, Junior Ogunyemi and many others supported by performances by Machina and 2012 Olympic dance act Funk Da Cirque.

You can find out more information at the TEDxSquareMile website as well as checking back on the blog for an overview of how the event went!


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27th Sep, 2012

JCI Birmingham Reignites!
by Guest Blogger on September 27, 2012 19:17


Until a couple of months ago, I knew nothing about JCI. The best way I could describe it to a colleague was “the biggest organisation I’ve never heard of”, which is sad in a sense especially as it has so much to offer to young professionals making their way in the world. That said, the first meeting of the soon to be revived Birmingham Chapter was really eye opening. The first thing that strikes you is the enthusiasm of the existing members, Kirstie Barnett (2013 President) and Kay Purser. Both seem genuinely excited to be involved in the re-launch and have clearly taken a lot away from JCI during their membership terms, including training opportunities and new friendships both nationally and internationally. Their enthusiasm is refreshing to see and not to mention infectious!

Next thing I knew, I was volunteering myself to organise the next social event and promising to formerly join as soon as possible. Considering this was an informal meeting over drinks to discuss the re-launch, there were still three other new faces all of which seemed keen to be involved and hopefully, they’ll attend again. I originally learnt about JCI through a friend of mine, Stuart Pownall – one of the Directors of the Edinburgh Chapter, who actually attended the meeting as well as he was in the city on business.

Blog » JCI Birmingham launch night.jpg

Excitment and ideas on relaunching JCI Birmingham

He too is keen to help Birmingham in any way he can which is pretty impressive given he’s based 300 miles away! So why am I joining? Originally I was drawn in by the training and networking events, but I now see something else - the chance to be involved growing an organisation that I feel could be very popular in Birmingham, that could help a large number of young professionals to better both themselves and their careers. This really feels like an exciting time for both JCI and Birmingham!

Colin Lawrence- Waterhouse
New JCI Birmingham member

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29th Jun, 2012

JCI Barnsley's Diamond Challenge!!
by Guest Blogger on June 29, 2012 10:38


In 2012,  JCI Barnsley celebrates 60 years of providing young people in Barnsley with opportunities to develop themselves and their local community. To celebrate this important year in our history we set ourselves the challenge of reaching a total of 60 members by 31st December 2012!

Now, for some chambers this may seem an easy challenge but for JCI Barnsley, one of the smaller chambers in the UK it is going to be just that, a challenge but we like challenges after all isn't that what JCI is all about??

In January 2012 we started with just 12 members but I'm pleased to report that as we come to the end of June we now have 24 members. This means 100% growth so far in 2012 and we're only half way through the year!!  In 2011, we had just 1 new member join us, however I can now report we've had 12 which means a 1100% growth in new members compared to this time last year. This my favourite statistic so far!!!

You are most probably be asking just how did we achieve this so here are my top tips for increasing your engagement with potential new members. Well let me tell you how:

1) In 2012 we have launched an assault on Twitter to raise our profile, to increase the number followers and to engage with the local community. Connecting with influential people in your area who can help by retweet is a must as often they have a large follower base. Tweet people who are following you, ask them if they want to know more about you, after all they have chosen to follow you so find out why!

Blog » Untitled folder » Twitter conversation pic.png 

Sample twitter conversation

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5th Oct, 2011

JCI Sheffield - There's an App for that!
by Solveig Malvik on October 5, 2011 07:49


JCI Sheffield - there's an app for that!JCI Sheffield is excited to announce that they have launched the first interactive mobile app for a local chamber! The free app enables users to access all of the latest JCI Sheffield events and news wherever they are...not only that, but they can book directly onto events and also navigate their way to the venue! The app is available for iphone and android. A demo of the JCI Sheffield app can be viewed on YouTube.

This project has been led by JCI Sheffield Business Development Director Glyn Jones who stunned former Business Link Chairman at a JCI Sheffield event about investing in regeneration. Glyn saw his opportunity to outline the plans that he had developed that were being held back by funding and suggested that funding could be delivered via the Business Link reserves that were held by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce to form a collaborative sponsor approach. Needless to say, Glyn's pitch did the job and he secured funding to set up the app and support it for the next two years.

Glyn said: "JCI Sheffield thought that an app would be a fantastic way to connect with our busy members who are always on the go, juggling careers, families and a social life! We hope that this will drive engagement and also highlight to those individuals who are yet to join, that we are a professional, modern organisation that can provide them with opportunities that empower them to create a positive change."

The JCI Sheffield team is keen that an app in this format is accessible to chambers around the world and so the team is working on a referral offering to secure the best rates for other chambers who may want to take advantage of this resource. If you would like to find out more about the app and how your chamber might be able to replicate the model please contact


Apple Store 


Ps. you can read an interview with Glyn Jones here

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4th Oct, 2011

Training update for the 2011 JCI UK National Convention team
by Solveig Malvik on October 4, 2011 07:35


It’s an exciting time for JCI UK;  Never have our mission and values been more relevant and it is clear that with a growth in membership of over 30% our members agree. The national magazine released this month was appropriately entitled “Excelling in 2011” and it makes for an inspiring read. It gives an overview of what is happening on a local level within JCI UK and offers many highlights from around the country; a fantastic endorsement for the organisation.

The National Convention is the flagship national event and hosts the National Award Ceremony as part of the programme (included in the conference fee). And with so much going on at a local level we can absolutely guarantee you a phenomenal evening at the awards ceremony. Join us in celebrating at the national level the success of JCI powered by you the members and the local chambers.

In addition, you can add to your own list of highlights for 2011 through attending our fantastic speaker and training sessions and dancing the night away with new friends during the social events.

We are proud to be offering you the following training programme;

Blog » JCI UKNC2011 today.jpg

Could any of these be relevant to you, your CV or your business?  Check out our website for the full details and speaker profiles.  JCI UK National Convention 2011 is going to be an event to remember….don’t miss out – book your place now at  We look forward to welcoming you to the JCI UK National Convention 2011.

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4th Oct, 2011

Annual Dinner with a difference - and a meerkat
by Solveig Malvik on October 4, 2011 07:06


Friday the 23rd of September JCI Bradford celebrated their annual dinner at the fabulous Midland Hotel in Bradford. Though I love annual dinners for the opportunity to catch up with friends, enjoy some good food and wine and dress up in pretty dresses (yes, I am that superficial), its nice when someone rethinks the concept and does something different.

The JCI Bradford dinner started out like most annual dinners do; with reception drinks, speeches and food. JCI Bradford President and long time supporter of JCI Phillip Cavalier-Lumley was awarded a well deserved Senatorship  from National President Allison Cowell.

Then the entertainment started. President Phil was challenged to face his fears in the shape of an angry scorpion (of the Emperor type; Pandinus imperator), then a big phyton and finally a hairy tarantula. Phil did well, kept his pants clean, and came out of the experience in one piece.

After the dinner, the other guests got to play with the animals and creatures as well. My favourite was a little meerkat called Alfie. You can see more pictures from the dinner after the video.

Congratulations to President Phil for a great experience I will remember!

Check out the video of Phil facing his fears.

Phil receives his senatorship

President Phil receives his Senatorship

Blog » bradford phil snake.jpg

Phil facing his fear being challenged to kiss the phyton.

Pamela with owl

Phil's wife Pamela with one of the cute animals, a very friendly owl

Blog » bradford tim spider.jpg

JCI Leeds member Tim Metcalfe get some unusual head decoration

Blog » bradford solveig meerkat.jpg

Me with Alfie the Meerkat.

The animal were provided and cared for by the Morley Exotic Pet Rescue.

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26th May, 2011

Written by Jo Evans, JCI Cambridge

JCI Cambridge were thrilled to hear the news their award submission for "Best Membership Recruitment" and "Best Marketing and PR" is being put forward for an award at the European Conference at the beginning of June in Catalonia.

Cambridge marketing consultants and JCI committee members, Emerald Frog Marketing have been regularly promoting the group through marketing and PR activities such as email campaigns, press releases, finding speakers and, most recently, writing the content and optimising the new JCI Cambridge website.

Membership of the Cambridge Chamber in that time has grown from a handful of members to now around forty. This is thanks, not only to Emerald Frog Marketing, but also the hard work and dedication of ALL the JCI Cambridge committee members who work so hard to make JCI Cambridge a success.

Back in December, at the UK conference for JCI Chambers nationally, JCI Cambridge won the UK award for "Best Marketing and PR" and "Best Membership Recruitment" among others (including "Best Leader" for JCI Cambridge President, Jen Little) - so we are pretty chuffed with that!
We can but hope; but know we are up against some VERY strong competition internationally. But even so, to be European Award Nominated is a huge achievement! Wish us luck! The next JCI Cambridge seminar is on June 14th at 6:30pm at Eversheds, Kett House, Station Road, Cambridge - Kevin Bullock presenting "Leadership and Emotional Intelligence"


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12th Apr, 2011

JCI Cambridge's first Business Skills Day was a huge success!
by Sofie Sandell on April 12, 2011 14:14


JCI Cambridge's first 'Business Skills Day' at the Crown Plaza Hotel was a big success. 

Blog » JCI Cambridge in Cambridge First - Busines Skills Day

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