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8th Dec, 2016

NAW16 – Community Awards
by Sarah Beckwith on December 8, 2016 21:37


This is the first of a series of blog posts in which we'll outline some more detail about each of our national award winners, giving you an insight into what made these particular projects, members or chambers stand out. We hope this will give members ideas and inspiration for initiatives to run in the future in their chambers.

Best Local Community Empowerment Programme - JCI Manchester for Charity Impact
(Award sponsored by Solveig Malvik, Senator #70867)

The aim of the programme was to deliver a high-quality charity programme that would appeal to a large number of members through its diversity (in terms of both charities and events), and so to establish JCI Manchester as a leading provider of such opportunities and a partner of choice for Manchester charities.

A mental health crisis among young professionals was identified as a major community need and became a focus for the chamber in 2016. An emotive seminar was organised getting members talking about the issue. Local president, Paul Widger, made several speeches in which the issue was addressed, including at the Manchester Young Talent Awards, attended by nearly 300 local professionals. Through various activities, over £2,000 was raised for a locally-based national charity, Anxiety UK.

Blog » Awards » Man - comm gen.jpg

Other activities and achievements included:

  • A campaign was organised to raise awareness about blood donation.
  • A team of 12 completed the 3 peaks challenge.
  • On a twinning visit with JCI Cork, members took part in a civic improvement scheme "Reimagine Cork".
  • Encouraged members to engage with the charities and volunteer time, not just donate money.
  • In total over £5,000 was raised in 2016.


Blog » Awards » Man - community2.jpg

Best Long-term Local Community Programme - JCI London for London 2 Ghana
(Award sponsored by Dominique Duffy, Senator #48990)

The London2Ghana project has been running since 2013 and encompasses a collaboration between JCI London and JCI Ghana to address the MDGs/SDGs in communities in Ghana.

There have been three stages to the project so far:

Part 1 (2013-2014) was about delivering malaria nets to Northern Ghana. After extensive fundraising in the UK, in May 2014, a team of JCI London Members travelled to Ghana and delivered over 1,000 nets to local communities that helped save an estimated 2,000 people from malaria.

Part 2 (2015) was about bringing kids' book to a recently renovated kids' library in Accra. A total of 1,000 books for kids were collected or purchased with money from fundraising. The JCI chamber local to the library have encouraged the kids to read the books by organising a reading competition.

Blog » Awards » Lon - LTC3.jpg

Part 3 (2016) consists of fundraising for 25 computers in the UK and sending them over for a school & school library in Accra and sending around 300 books to a school library in Tarkwa. Money has been raised to buy around 20 second hand laptops, the team secured a donation of 10 computers from Euromonitor and 300 books have been secured through book collections.

A large number of JCI London members have been involved in the project over the years, developing skills such as fundraising, social media, communication, negotiation, programme management, and international relationship and stakeholder management.

Blog » Awards » Lon - LTC2.jpg

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18th Nov, 2016

JCI UK Foundation
by James Lambert on November 18, 2016 08:11


Blog » FoundationLogo.jpg


Want to know more about the JCI UK Foundation, its history, its purpose and its recent activity?  Then read on…..


The JCI UK Foundation was set up in 1995 with the specific aim of providing JCI UK with financial assistance for events and projects that primarily focus on membership growth.  Since its formation, the JCI UK Foundation (formerly known as the BJC Foundation) has provided grants to over 25 chambers and Regional Groups in support of the activities and development of JCI UK and its members.


The Foundation fund was and is built by invested capital provided by the members of the Foundation.  Membership of the JCI UK Foundation requires a one-off minimum contribution of £500 from each individual.  These contributions are invested, and the proceeds made available to JCI UK and the local chambers for development projects.  Today the JCI UK Foundation has over 125 members.


The interest income from the invested capital is available:


*  to help contribute to the funding of new Chamber launches;

*  to help sustain recently launched Chambers;

*  to help existing Chambers to grow;

*  to co-fund events which have as a clear objective membership growth.


There is also another area of activity for which grants will be made, and that is for ‘defraying’ or helping bear the capital costs incurred by national, regional, or local organisations in the course of maintaining or extending their infrastructures or systems.  It was under this provision that in 2010 the Foundation supported the creation of the then new JCI UK website (from which you are reading this blog article!).


The Foundation is administered by a team of four JCI UK Foundation Trustees – a group of Foundation members tasked with overseeing the management and governance of the Foundation’s activities.  Julia Lea (Chairman), Andrew Thompson, Alli Cowell & Phil Cavalier-Lumley are the current Trustee incumbents.  They are assisted by two further appointees – the Clerk to the Trustees (Elaine Senior), and, where possible, a co-opted Trustee who is usually from the JCI UK National Board team in order to provide that essential link back to the JCI UK organisation itself.  Well, as you may know, I have been the co-opted member of the Trustees since the beginning of this year as part of my Immediate Past National President role.  I wanted to ensure that as well as the close ties that the JCI UK National Board team has with the British Senate, that we also have a continuing close and collaborative working relationship with the JCI UK Foundation.


Blog » Foundation1.jpg


But what has the JCI UK Foundation done this year?  Well, the Foundation has already provided financial assistance in the form of grants to JCI Sheffield to help off-set the costs of their Business Academy weekend.  The Foundation has also provided money to JCI UK to help with its National Training Academy which was used to help train the new National Training Team members and provide them with the skills to empower them to deliver future development opportunities for JCI UK members.  But that’s not all – the Foundation team are actively working with JCI Greenwich, JCI London and JCI Southampton on further grant applications, plus have held discussions with JCI Brighton on potential grant assistance, and will be working with JCI UK to help provide assistance on off-setting the cost of its new website.


The Foundation team has also worked on its own website and Twitter account this year – check out and follow the Foundation on using its Twitter handle @JCIUKFoundation.


I personally wanted to ensure that as well as the close ties that the JCI UK National Board team has with the British Senate, that JCI UK chambers have a continuing close and collaborative working relationship with the JCI UK Foundation.  To this end I suggested that a great way to help further promote the Foundation and its activities would be to produce a leaflet that chambers and individuals interested in joining the Foundation can take away and peruse at their leisure.  Our marketing guru, Phil Cavalier-Lumley, worked on this using input from the whole team and you can see Phil and the end result below.  Chambers should look out for copies of this leaflet coming their way if they haven’t already got one!


Blog » Foundation2.jpg


Want to know more?  I, along with the rest of the JCI UK Foundation team, am always more than happy to help any chambers with their grant applications or help with any have any queries they may have about our activities or the grant process.  Please do ask away – we’re here to help….  We also always encourage all JCI UK National Board members and Local Presidents to act as champions for the Foundation and its activities, so you can always ask them too!



By Drew Charman

Immediate Past National President - JCI UK National Board

Co-opted Trustee – JCI UK Foundation

Senator #73605



Twitter: @JCI_Drew


Blog » Drew.jpg


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13th Aug, 2016

JCI London Peace Week Project Update
by Sarah Beckwith on August 13, 2016 18:37


This year, JCI London are once again supporting the UN International Day of Peace on Wednesday 21st September 2016 in partnership with the international JCI campaign Peace Is Possible.   The project team are hoping to bring together JCI chambers around the world in the name of peace.

For the first time, peace is one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.  In the week of 21st of September, JCI London are inviting JCI UK members to stand up for peace and be part of a worldwide action supported by our World President, Paschal Dike.

Blog » Misc » JCI London Peace Team.png

How you can participate? (You can join either one or all of them!)

1) Take a group picture with the peace week & peace is possible logos and send to the team ( )

2) Record a short video (max 30sec) with a message of Peace (Name, Chamber, Country.. commit for Peace and if you have you can present your actions) and send in your video

3) Give free hugs or meet people and show them a respect sign to support the UN international Peace day on the 21th of September (shaking hands for example), capture it with pictures.

4) Organize a community event(s) related to peace in your chamber to support the UN international Peace day (with pictures)


Why get involved in Peace Day 2016?

  • Contribute to the advancement of the UN sustainable development goal number 16
  • Raise awareness about peace worldwide and in your community
  • Collaborate with JCI chambers from all over the world
  • Have fun while supporting a good cause

JCI Chambers around the world have been invited to participate in this project. Here is a message from the world president of JCI about making an action for peace: 


JCI London has been running a Peace project for the past four years and have had more than 80 countries participate in some of the above events.  You can find some of the highlights here:

JCI Peace Week Pictures 2015:

JCI Mauritius Peace Day 2014:

JCI Culture Bdrum/Istanbul (Turkey):

Peace Week Director, Marine Klein, said: "We are excited to have more countries joining us this year!  Our goal is to involve 100 chambers all around the world".  To contact the team, you can e-mail 


Blog » Misc » Peace Week Sign 1.jpg Blog » Misc » Peace Week Sign 2.jpg 

Images from Peace Project celebrations from around the world

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3rd Jun, 2015

Time for a Yorkshire update!
by James Lambert on June 3, 2015 08:35


Well April was that busy it took me till June to find time to write a blog!!

Over the last two months chambers in Yorkshire have been busy busy bees. We have had very thing from first aid training to volunteering. We also can't forget the ashes challenge between JCI Barnsley and JCI Rotherham. Well done to JCI Barnsley for maintain the ashes, who will challenge next? Members have also been off to Scotland for their National Convention, it was great to see a fantastic show of members and senators from Yorkshire.  We also had the first Regional competition of the year hosted by JCI Sheffield in May. The extempore competition was entered by 11 competitors and had a great audience. It is fantastic to see such a brilliant turn out to Regional events this year and we defiantly have more to come! Congratulations to Shane from JCI Rotherham who is JCI Yorkshire's 2015 extempore champion!

My Yorkshire 'feel proud' Chambers and members of April and May.


Chamber of the month - JCI Barnsley for their fantastic turn out at Scottish national convention and their plans for membership drive.

Members of the Month - Lindsey and Lizzy from JCI Doncaster - these two new members made it their mission in April to get out to other chambers, heading off to Rotherham and Sheffield.


JCI Yorkshire » MS Trust Quiz.jpg

The Chamber and member of the month are both for the same event in May. Congratulations to JCI Leeds and Debbie Worthington for the MS Trust quiz. Working with ASDA the event raised over £900 for the charity! (Photo right)

Events coming up in the next month:

7th - JCI Barnsley charity bake off

10th - JCI Harrogate public speaking training

11th - JCI Rotherham Magna beer festival

14th - JCI Barnsley charity walk  

16th - JCI Sheffield Event Management training

17th - JCI Leeds cool lessons in leadership training

19th - JCI Sheffield theatre social

20th - JCI Barnsley social

22nd - JCI Leeds book club

23rd - JCI Barnsley develop to succeed training

24th - JCI Sheffield networking Wednesday

26th - JCI Sheffield ghost walk

27th - JCI Sheffield JCI networking course

27th - JCI Barnsley midnight stroll

30th - JCI Yorkshire Whalfdale quiz

7th July - JCI Rotherham innovation training

8th July - JCI Harrogate time management training


What else have we got going on?

Well this week many members are off in Turkey for JCI's European Conference. I know they are going to have an amazing time out there. From Yorkshire we have Charlotte Scothern entering the public speaking competition as well as Ben Hawley and Mark Smith entering the debating competition. We also can't forget all the awards that chambers from around the Region have entered. I am sure you will all be with in in wishing Charlotte and the whole debating team good luck!!! We are with you in spirit if not person! Keep your figures crossed for the awards too. To the members of the Region on the ground Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!

We currently have a regional marketing team made up of chambers from around the region. I know they are going to be up to loads of great things over the next few months, keep an eye out!!

Yorkshire regional conference! I know there has been a little bit of excitement over this as it is something we haven't done for quite a few years. Tickets are selling quickly so make sure you book yours now!! There will be loads of activities during the day as well as the Regional Dinner and Debating Competition. Check it out here or click on the banner below. There is a ticket option for everyone so we look forward to seeing you there!

JCI Yorkshire » YC Booking Banner.jpg

Last but not least our next regional event is the Whalfdale quiz in July hosted by JCI Barnsley on the 30th June. I am hearing great things about this event so keep your eye out for booking links shortly. 


Keep Feeling Proud Yorkshire!


Charlie Pearson

2015 Yorkshire Regional Group Chairman



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2nd Apr, 2015

March in Yorkshire
by James Lambert on April 2, 2015 08:02


They say time flies when you're having fun and that is certainly true for March in Yorkshire!

So, what have we been up to that's been so much fun?

Well, JCI Doncaster have been planning events for the next few months and we are all getting very excited about their beer tasting session. JCI Bradford have very busy collecting 2,293 Easter Eggs. JCI Leeds have been little book warms with their first book club. JCI Harrogate have had one of their training sessions. JCI Rotherham have been on a special business tour of Magna Science Park and got to know their members better with a Meet The Members session and making first contact with their soon-to-be new twins. JCI Barnsley have been planting trees, watching basketball in one of their fantastic socials, as well as learning how to Tweet and use LinkedIn properly. JCI Sheffield have held a great Network Wednesday event at a new venue, CV training, visited their twins in Mayo, learnt how to dance and collected 711 Easter Eggs.

As well as all that JCI Rotherham & JCI Sheffield joined forces to attend the Safe@Last quiz at Magna and we have had out first Regional event, Big Supper, hosted by JCI Bradford and attended by every chamber in the Region. 

Personally, I have been with National Board to Belgium for a best practice sharing session with the National Boards from JCI Belgium, JCI The Netherlands and JCI Switzerland.

Oh and I can't forget the chamber pot moving twice in the space of a month! Tired yet?? I know I am!

JCI Yorkshire » Sheffield Training.jpgMy 'Feel Proud' Yorkshire chamber of the month for March is JCI Sheffield. I'm pretty sure you can tell how busy they have been from the list above but as well as all that they are still producing a fantastic magazine each month and have been out handing out leaflets to local businesses promoting JCI and their events to members of the community. It is definitely All Go in Sheffield right now! Well Done!



JCI Yorkshire » Big Supper.jpgMy 'Feel Proud' member of the month for March is actually a President. Phil Cockayne from JCI Bradford. He has organised the Big Supper and had helped out with some Regional admin! 

Now I know after all that you probably want to rest but not a chance - sorry April is looking just as full! Check out what's coming up below:

8th - JCI Rotherham goes to Bingo

9th - JCI Leeds Bar of the Month

11th to 12th - Presidents & Deputies Weekend in Southampton

15th - JCI Sheffield Improvisation Training

17th to 19th - JCI Scotland National Conference

22nd - JCI Rotherham Extempore Training

23rd - JCI Leeds Training Session & JCI Sheffield Charity Bingo Night

24th - JCI Rotherham Past Presidents Dinner

25th - JCI Barnsley Past Presidents Dinner & World Malaria Day.

29th - JCI Sheffield Network Wednesday

30th - JCI Barnsley NLP Training & JCI Doncaster Beer Tasting Session

See, busy!! One other thing I need to mention is after the feedback from the Regional Events Survey last month, the Regional Public Speaking Competition has been moved out of the conference to allow more time for some fun and show debates. This will now be held in Barnsley in September so watch out for more details on that.

I think that is about it for now Yorkshire, have a great month and 'Feel Proud'. 


Charlie Pearson 

2015 Yorkshire RGC 


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7th Mar, 2015

Discovering JCI Brighton
by James Lambert on March 7, 2015 10:34


I was delighted to be invited to deliver a Discover JCI session in Brighton, one of our newly relaunched chambers recently. The session covers what JCI is, the history of the organisation, the areas of opportunity and how to get the most out of your membership.

The evening started off with some networking and it was fantastic to see three former members of JCI Brighton had come along to show their support. There is a group of former members who still meet up twice a year - that is the depth of the friendships formed during their time as JCI members. We heard some of the history of the chamber, including one of their biggest projects of hosting the national conference in 1976. In JCI's 100th anniversary year it is great to reconnect with past members of JCI UK and collect information about our history.

JCI South » Discover JCI Brighton.jpg

There were several potential members in the room, some of whom were back for their second visit. Lots of questions were asked and we got great feedback that they now understood a lot more about JCI and what membership has to offer. There was particular interest expressed in public speaking and debating sessions in the future.

JCI Brighton has an enthusiastic President in Avsar. As a chamber just starting out, there are exciting opportunities for members to really shape the chamber into what they want it to be and make a big impact in their local community.

Look out for details of forthcoming social and training events coming soon and get in touch with Avsar if you want to get involved.

Contact Deputy National President Sarah Beckwith if you would like to run Discover JCI in your chamber.

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3rd Mar, 2015

Yorkshire RGC Update February
by James Lambert on March 3, 2015 11:08


February is a short month but JCI chambers in Yorkshire have defiantly managed to fit a lot in. This month members across the Region have learnt about self defence, sales, extempore, first aid, time management, the stars as well as meeting socially and networking! Members have even headed down to Marketing Academy in Birmingham. Busy bees!

During February I have been visiting council meetings I have been to Bradford, Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham with Leeds planned for next week. I love attending all kinds of events but it is at council or chamber meetings where you exactly what a chamber is up to,  what they have planned and get the insight into the type of chamber they really are. You can see what drives a chamber and the energy around the Region this year is really infectious. Sights seem to really be set high this year so I can't wait to see and attend some of the events that are coming up in the next few months.

As a Region we have also been anaysing the events that we put on to make sure they are meeting our members needs. We released a short survey out to members and I have to say I was really surprised by the response. We had twices as many members take part as I was excecting and their opinon will be vital in deciding what we do with our events. The survey is now closed and the Presidents and Deputies will have a chance to analyse the results before we discuss it as a Region later in the month. Watch this space for more details next month! 

JCI Yorkshire » Stargazing.jpgMy 'feel proud' Yorkshire chamber of the month is JCI Rotherham for having two sell out events in February as well as members attending events held by JCI Sheffield and JCI Barnsley, as well as members from other chambers attending their events. We also mustn't forget a brand new member taking the chamber pot when he attened a training session in Barnsley. 

Photo left - JCI Rotherham stargazing 

JCI Yorkshire » Ryan Pathways.jpg

My 'feel proud' Yorkshire member of the month is JCI Sheffield's Ryan Pilkington.This month I have seen Ryan at

events held by JCI Rotherham and JCI Barnsley. Ryan has also been working really hard in Sheffield producing their magazine and always includes activities from outside Sheffield in the publication to share with the members, it is defiantly worth a read. 

Photo right - Ryan Pilkington at Insperation Day.

March looks set to be just as busy. Check out some of the events going on around the Region:

2nd to 20th - JCI Bradford Easter Egg Appeal 

9th - JCI Sheffield - CV and Interview Techniques Training

9th - JCI Doncaster - Planning Session

13th to 16th - JCI Sheffield - Twinning Visit

14th - JCI Barnsley - Tree Planting

19th - JCI Rotherham - Business Tour of Magna

23rd - JCI Yorkshire - Big Supper - held in Bradford

24th - JCI Sheffield - Street Dance and Drama Workshop

26th - JCI Barnsley - LinkedIn and Twitter Training 

27th - JCI Rotherham & JCI Sheffield - Safe@last Quiz

30th - JCI Leeds - Book Club

I know there are also dates being finalised in all chambers so make sure you keep an eye out on social media and local websites. 

With our first Regional event of the year is big supper, which will be held in Bradford on 23rd March. I am so excited to see the region come together and I can't wait to see you all there. Check out the event on Facebook and watch out for more details being on how to book released very very soon!

All the chambers in the Region are working so hard at the minute to make sure they are keeping standards high, as usual I will be out and about during March so I really hope to see you all somewhere soon. 

'Feel Proud Yorkshire' 

Charlie Pearson 

2015 Yokrshire RGC 

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1st Feb, 2015

JCI Yorkshire in January
by James Lambert on February 1, 2015 16:03


Hi everyone and welcome to February! 

Yes that's right we are a month into 2015 already and it is safe to say things in Yorkshire have been extremely busy and I think it is safe to say I have been around the Region a bit. I have been to events in Barnsley, Leeds, Rotherham and Sheffield as well as Reading for National Board meeting and Manchester for Inspiration Day. Busy busy bee! It has been great to see members traveling around the region too, at every event I have been to there have been members from a different chamber there, which is amazing, and exactly what we need so lets keep it up.

JCI Yorkshire » DSC_0358 2.JPG

JCI Yorkshire 2015 Presidents and RGC

Chamber of the month for January has to be Leeds. Their new members night has a really great feel to it and they got some really great members signing up. One of which attended Inspiration Day in Manchester only a week later! Well Done Leeds. 

For member of the month in January I want to give a special mention to all those who received certificates at Inspiration Day (sorry I can't just choose one) for ACE hours, Pathways, 100% efficiency and £1 a day. Each one of those was truly deserved so you should all be very happy with the recognition. It was fantastic to see such a presence from Yorkshire in these cetificates, I really we hope we can do the same again next year! Congratulations.


JCI Yorkshire » Ace.jpg JCI Yorkshire » Efficency .jpg

Ace Hours                                                          100% Efficiency 

JCI Yorkshire » pathways .jpg JCI Yorkshire » pound a day.jpg

Pathways                                                                     £1 a Day 

So what about February? Well there are a list of events below so there is defiantly enough to keep everyone busy.

5th - JCI Barnsley loves a pub quiz

- JCI Bradford explores north parade

6th - JCI Rotherham Annual Dinner

- JCI Bradford Wear it, Beat it campaign

9th - JCI Sheffield first aid training

17th JCI Leeds Self Defence Training

21st - JCI Rotherham 'come dine with us'

- JCI Sheffield host JCI achieve and impact

26th - JCI Barnsley prioritizing and time management training

27th - JCI Rotherham goes stargazing

28th & 1st - JCI UK Marketing Academy

I know there are more dates just waiting to be confirmed so make sure you keep your eye on local chamber websites and social media for more updates.

This month as well as attending events I a starting to visit all council teams (as I aim to so every three months) so I will hopefully see all the teams and members on my travels.  

This month we will also be stating work on our Yorkshire's Story Project so keep your eyes and ears open and share your stories.

See you soon!

Charlie Pearson

2015 JCI Yorkshire RGC


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12th Jan, 2015

JCI Yorkshire 2015
by James Lambert on January 12, 2015 09:53


Well it's 2015 and the Yorkshire chambers are going full force! At the end of each month I will be pulling together a list of what they are all up to and sharing it with everyone, there will be two this month to make sure we don't miss all the fantastic stuff happening in January!

Before we do cover off the list of events I wanted to introduce myself. For those of you who don't know me I am Charlie and I am Yorkshire Regional Group Chairman for 2015. I joined JCI at the very end of 2011 and quickly became involved becoming JCI Barnsley Deputy President in June 2012 and then President in 2013. I was a fantastic year (top three most outstanding chambers in Europe!), one I couldn't believe was going to come to an end so I decided it didn't have to and with the Rotherham Relaunch team behind me I became President of JCI Rotherham in 2014. Yes I know three very busy years! So time for a new challenge and a very different role. During 2015 I will be supporting all the chambers in Yorkshire, mentoring and coaching local presidents, chairing and co-coordinating regional activities and events, supporting regional events and representing the region on National Board. It is safe to say I am going to have a busy year and everyone is going to see a lot of me!

JCI Yorkshire » AGM.jpg

It's only 12 days in but we have been busy already. The  JCI Yorkshire Presidents and Deputies meet for the first forum of the year last week and I was blown away with everything going on, we also set all the regional event dates for the year. To add to that the new JCI UK board meet for the first time last weekend and I have to say it looks like it is going to be a very exciting year!

Over the next few weeks there is loads going on around the region and UK. Check it all out!


14th - JCI Rotherham Open Night

-  JCI Sheffield Develop to Succeed Training Session

16th - JCI Barnsley Annual Dinner

21st - JCI Leeds 2015 Launch Night

23rd - JCI Sheffield New Members Night

26th - JCI Rotherham Goal Setting Training Session

28th - JCI Sheffield Network Wednesday

- JCI Harrogate Training Session

29th - JCI Sheffield Panto

- JCI Barnsley Program Launch Night

JCI Doncaster AGM

31st - JCI UK Inspiration Day


1st - National training session for local council teams

6th - JCI Rotherham Annual Dinner

9th - JCI Sheffield First Aid Training Session

12th - JCI Leeds Social

21st - JCI Rotherham Come Dine With ME

- JCI Sheffield Training (JCI Achieve and JCI Impact)

26th - JCI Rotherham Stargazing

28th - JCI UK Marketing Academy


This year we will also have a range of Regional events held across Yorkshire so keep these dates in the diary!

23rd March - Big Supper hosted by JCI Bradford

26th May - Extempore Competition hosted by JCI Sheffield

30th June - Wharfedale Quiz hosted by JCI Barnsley

12th July - Run With Us - Leeds 10k run (run or volunteer)

1st August - Yorkshire Day

17th October - Yorkshire Conference hosted by JCI Rotherham (including public speaking and debating competitions as well as Regional awards dinner and loads more!)

8th December - JCI Yorkshire AGM &social hosted by JCI Leeds


As well as all that going on during the year you will probably hear myself talk about Yorkshire Story. This is the project we will be running in line with the world 100 year website that share stories of JCI around the world. JCI chambers in Yorkshire have been united since 1955 so lets shout about what we do and share our stories! We have a couple of plans for this and you will certainly hear more about that from me later in the year.

JCI Yorkshire » 100years-Yorkshire-Chambers-FEELPROUD.jpg


I think that is all from me this month Yorkshire see you all soon!


Charlie Pearson 

JCI Yorkshie 2015 Regional Group Chair







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22nd Jun, 2014

You can take the members out of Yorkshire...
by James Lambert on June 22, 2014 19:16


You can take the members out of Yorkshire, but you can’t take the Yorkshire spirit out of the members!

I am still buzzing after the exceptional European Conference in Malta last week.  The whole of the UK delegation did an excellent job of making themselves visible and representing our National Organisation, however, called me biased, but I think the members from Yorkshire took it one step further!  One of my personal goals as Yorkshire RGC this year was to bring back the passion I remember being displayed by Yorkshire members when I was Local President in 2010.  Between them, Yorkshire members engaged in all parts of the conference; Trainings, Community events, business tours, excursions, and the odd social event or two!

So here are just a few things they were getting up to………

Before the conference even got started, Immediate Past National President and Yorkshire member, Emma Eastwood, was out in Malta training on the European Growth and Development Academy.JCI Yorkshire » debating.jpg


Yorkshire members, Ben and Ilona, made up two thirds of the JCI UK debating team who made it all the way to the final of the European competition!  They all did a fantastic job and we’re really proud of the whole team.


Yorkshire members, Debbie and Joe, represented the UK in the Row 4 Nets Canoeing Community event.


JCI Yorkshire » beachbetter.jpgYorkshire members Mark, Gareth and Ryan, along with three National Board Members, National President Kate, Dan and myself, represented JCI UK in the Beach Better Community event.  We had the opportunity to clean up the ocean and help leave Malta in a better condition than when we arrived.  I’ve never known a Community project to be so much fun and to have such an instant sense of gratification.


There is no way I could not mention Yorkshire member, Mark Smith, who, in case you weren’t aware, WON THE AWARD FOR BEST MEMBER IN EUROPE!!!!!  Mark also joined in the JCI Quiz as part of the Morning Show on the first day of the conference.


It was Yorkshire member, Debbie Worthington, who, as JCI UK International Director, coordinated everything for the whole delegation.  I’m sure everyone agrees that she did a great job.


To top it all off, I’m not sure that I’ll ever forget the sound of the Region’s members chanting ‘Yorkshire, Yorkshire’ whilst stood on the stage at the Gala dinner.  It was a fantastic end to a great conference and it was a clear demonstration that the pride and passion of the members in Yorkshire is alive and well.

They’re not a bad looking bunch are they?  They scrub up pretty well!

JCI Yorkshire » yorkshire.png

I have come back from Malta so happy and energised by the passion and energy demonstrated by these members.  I got to spend time with old friends and make fantastic and lasting connections with new friends.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with them and I’m even more excited about the rest of the year.


Katie Ogley

JCI Yorkshire Regional Group Chairman

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