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5th Mar, 2015

Meet the Member - Victoria - JCI Southampton
by Fiona Silvester on March 5, 2015 15:10


Membership » MTM-Web-Banner2.jpg

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our next Meet the Member (#JCIUKMTM) Victoria Odey, JCI Southampton Deputy President.

Which chamber are you a member of?
JCI Southampton

How long have you been a JCI member?
March 2014

What made you join?
My company Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
I have experienced couple of networking events but the JCI Southampton Summerfest was my highlight FOR 2014 AND Inspiration Day for the first quarter of 2015.

Had JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
Yes, I think JCI has increased my leadership skills and professional abilities to forge strategic relationship with companies which would bring benefit to JCI Southampton.

What is your job/career/profession/business?
Business Growth Navigator

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
My job is to provide best customer care and satisfaction to our clients. Being a governmental project on offering funding to SME'S in Hampshire I engage with a large number of businesses. The fact that I am involved in JCI, which is a multicultural network of divers business this impacted my communication skills and my confidence in.

What's your proVictoria JCI Southamptonudest achievement?
Personal - My family
Professional - I successful organised 3 Business match making events on a very large scale.
Educational - MBA Graduate in 2014

What is your favourite colour of socks to wear?

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done
In 2004 I went on a 26hours train journey across Italy with stops in different cities with no MONEY. I haven't paid for the journey I worked my charm on the train conductors, inventing different reasons.

Here's a picture of Victoria in her 'modern centurion' get up posing ready for National Convention.  You can book for National Convention in Barnsley by going to


Thanks Victoria!


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3rd Mar, 2015

Yorkshire RGC Update February
by CharliePearson on March 3, 2015 11:08


February is a short month but JCI chambers in Yorkshire have defiantly managed to fit a lot in. This month members across the Region have learnt about self defence, sales, extempore, first aid, time management, the stars as well as meeting socially and networking! Members have even headed down to Marketing Academy in Birmingham. Busy bees!

During February I have been visiting council meetings I have been to Bradford, Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham with Leeds planned for next week. I love attending all kinds of events but it is at council or chamber meetings where you exactly what a chamber is up to,  what they have planned and get the insight into the type of chamber they really are. You can see what drives a chamber and the energy around the Region this year is really infectious. Sights seem to really be set high this year so I can't wait to see and attend some of the events that are coming up in the next few months.

As a Region we have also been anaysing the events that we put on to make sure they are meeting our members needs. We released a short survey out to members and I have to say I was really surprised by the response. We had twices as many members take part as I was excecting and their opinon will be vital in deciding what we do with our events. The survey is now closed and the Presidents and Deputies will have a chance to analyse the results before we discuss it as a Region later in the month. Watch this space for more details next month! 

JCI Yorkshire » Stargazing.jpgMy 'feel proud' Yorkshire chamber of the month is JCI Rotherham for having two sell out events in February as well as members attending events held by JCI Sheffield and JCI Barnsley, as well as members from other chambers attending their events. We also mustn't forget a brand new member taking the chamber pot when he attened a training session in Barnsley. 

Photo left - JCI Rotherham stargazing 

JCI Yorkshire » Ryan Pathways.jpg

My 'feel proud' Yorkshire member of the month is JCI Sheffield's Ryan Pilkington.This month I have seen Ryan at

events held by JCI Rotherham and JCI Barnsley. Ryan has also been working really hard in Sheffield producing their magazine and always includes activities from outside Sheffield in the publication to share with the members, it is defiantly worth a read. 

Photo right - Ryan Pilkington at Insperation Day.

March looks set to be just as busy. Check out some of the events going on around the Region:

2nd to 20th - JCI Bradford Easter Egg Appeal 

9th - JCI Sheffield - CV and Interview Techniques Training

9th - JCI Doncaster - Planning Session

13th to 16th - JCI Sheffield - Twinning Visit

14th - JCI Barnsley - Tree Planting

19th - JCI Rotherham - Business Tour of Magna

23rd - JCI Yorkshire - Big Supper - held in Bradford

24th - JCI Sheffield - Street Dance and Drama Workshop

26th - JCI Barnsley - LinkedIn and Twitter Training 

27th - JCI Rotherham & JCI Sheffield - Safe@last Quiz

30th - JCI Leeds - Book Club

I know there are also dates being finalised in all chambers so make sure you keep an eye out on social media and local websites. 

With our first Regional event of the year is big supper, which will be held in Bradford on 23rd March. I am so excited to see the region come together and I can't wait to see you all there. Check out the event on Facebook and watch out for more details being on how to book released very very soon!

All the chambers in the Region are working so hard at the minute to make sure they are keeping standards high, as usual I will be out and about during March so I really hope to see you all somewhere soon. 

'Feel Proud Yorkshire' 

Charlie Pearson 

2015 Yokrshire RGC 


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25th Feb, 2015

MTM - Senator - Phil Cavalier-Lumley
by Fiona Silvester on February 25, 2015 13:42


Membership » MTM-Web-Banner2.jpg

This week instead of meeting a member we’re going to find out a little more about one of our Senators and what being a senator means.

Name: Philip Cavalier-LumleyMembership » Senator Phil 2.JPG
Senator number: 70882


When did you first join JCI and which chamber were/are you a member of?
After attending a few events I joined JCI Bradford in 1998

Why did you join JCI?
I was working in Bradford and had a meeting with the students union at Bradford university.  As I walked across the campus I saw a poster for a business lecture with guest speaker Sir John Harvey-Jones.  At the time Sir John was a big hit on TV with a programme called Toubleshooter which was a documentary about Sir John visiting failing businesses and helping turn them around.

I booked a ticket from the JCI member mentioned on the poster and attended the lecture.  It was a great success and everywhere I looked JCI was mentioned but until then I’d never heard of JCI.  I just thought that a local organisation that pulled off such a great event should be worth looking at getting involved with and after a few meetings I thought it was great.  The following year I became President 1999.

Do you recall the moment you were awarded a Senatorship and can you explain why you were nominated for a Senatorship? 
I vividly recall Allison Cowell, National President at the time getting up to make her NP speech to the members present and she seemed to focus on talking about me and not what I thought she was going to talk about which was JCI and as she announced my name and senatorship I automatically looks around the room to see who stood and walk up to the stage to collect it. It really didn’t click that it was me. Afterwards little things clicked into place such as my mum and dad have never attended a JCI dinner but on this occasion they said they’d love to come, I was just focussed on getting the bums on seats.  This night was also the night I did a challenge on stage whereby I kissed a snake, allowed a tarantula to walk over my face and wrestled a business card off a scorpion.


Membership » Senator Phil 3.jpgWhat does it mean to you to be a senator?
To it means I don’t have to pay anymore, hahahaha. It is the pinnacle of recognition because in all other areas of life to be awarded something you may be nominated but generally you know about it.  A senatorship is something that is voted on by your peers and is kept secret until your receive your award. Having being honoured in this way by JCI and the fact that my membership of JCI has benefitted me so much through my life I will continue to support JCI for the rest of my life.

What do senators get up to?
Senators are part of a group called British Senate and this like JCI UK is also run by a voluntary council.  The council engages senators from around the UK who organise events from just a day to a whole weekend.   It is very social driven.  As a member of JCI at the time of my senatorship I was 39 so I was still very active (well I’m still very active) in Bradford and I didn’t really get involved in the Senate until the last couple of years as I’ve slowly relinquished my responsibilities in Bradford

How can senators help JCI UK and its members?
It can be numerous way from mentoring new members, making introductions, sponsoring events, helping plan events and so on.  I think sometimes JCI chambers need to think about what they want to achieve and when planning consider their senate.

What is/was your job/career/profession/business?
Apart from being a law student up until Spring this year and having a wonderful career in the nightclub industry for 18 years, I now work in graphic design, web/ecommerce solutions and print.  When I’ve graduated I will be looking to start a brand new career in law.

What’s your proudest JCI/Senator achievement?
Last year I won JCI UK’s Most outstanding Senator Award which was a massive surprise and a lovely moment.

And finally do you have any advice for our current JCI UK members?
If you use the opportunities that JCI provides to the fullest and develop yourself to the fullest prioritising over sleep, relationships and friendships but without compromising any of them then you will reap the rewards.  It is only YOU that makes the difference between success and failure.

Thanks Phil!

If you've read this and would like to ask a senator for help/mentoring/advice please get in touch with Fiona Silvester 2015 Membership and Administration Director ( who will be able to put you in touch with the right people.

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24th Feb, 2015

Pathways Explanation
by Fiona Silvester on February 24, 2015 13:59


What is Pathways to Active Membership and how can it help me??
Pathways is a great scheme that started a few years ago by Sarah Beckwith our current Deputy National President when she was Membership Director in 2012.  She's kindly answered some questions about the scheme which should help members and chambers alike understand the benefits of Pathways.  Also below is details of how you can get involved and a shoutout to those members who completed Pathways Active Member at the end of 2014.  Over to Sarah...

What made you start the pathways programme?
JCI is a very broad organisation, which is sometimes a bit difficult to explain to new members.  I wanted to design a scheme which would help members understand the wealth of opportunities available to them and show them it was easy to start getting involved.  The pathways scheme helps members make the most of their membership in a structured, easy-to-follow manner and celebrates those who contribute to their chambers in this way.

Who is eligible to take part
The scheme is aimed at new members to JCI and is sent to everyone who joins so they can complete the Pathway to Active Membership.

What are the benefits to the member?
It helps them to get stuck into the organisation straight away.  By taking on small roles, they are much more likely to get to know other members quicker, develop their skills and enjoy all the amazing experiences JCI has to offer.  Members get a certificate of recognition they can take to their employers to show the value of membership.

What are the benefits to the chamber?
Lots of engaged members, who understand JCI and the opportunities of membership.  The scheme is flexible so can be used by every chamber, no matter what the membership base/activities/location.  Members following the pathway are more likely to get fully engaged in all aspects of chamber activities, creating a sustainable chamber with a great succession plan.

Where can I get the forms?
You should have received a copy of the Pathways to Active Membership in your welcome pack.  If you haven't received a copy - fear not the link is below for you.

Pathways Active Member Form

Where should I submit my form?
You can send completed forms to Fiona Silvester - 2015 National Membership Director.  (

What do I get for completing it?
As well as the warm fuzzy feeling inside you'll be presented with a certificate and a gold star pin badge (limited number of pin badges available).  You'll also be mention on JCI UKs social media and newsletters.  We'd love it if you wrote a blog about your experiences too.

If you would like any further information please don't hesitate to get in touch -

Last I would like to say congratulations to those presented with certificates at Inspiration Day in Manchester (Jan 2015).  Well done to:

Zoe Marshall - JCI Barnsley
Ton Sharpe - JCI Barnsley
Leanne Bolan - JCI Barnsley
Anna Hemmingway - JCI Barnsley
Tom Austen - JCI Rotherham
Charlotte Scothern - JCI Rotherham
Ryan Pilkington - JCI Sheffield


Membership » Pathways.jpg

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11th Feb, 2015

MTM - Daniel Rodgerson Manchester
by Fiona Silvester on February 11, 2015 16:53


Membership » MTM-Web-Banner2.jpg


Membership » Daniel Manchester 1.jpg

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our second Meet the Member (#JCIUKMTM) Mr Daniel Rodgerson, deputy president.

Which c hamber are you a member of?
JCI Manchester

How long have you been a JCI member?
Since 2012

What made you join?
I was invited by a friend and Board member at the time to a JCI Manchester event and was introduced to a number of great people from different professions. It became clear to me relatively quickly that this was no ordinary networking group and was something I wanted to be a part of.

What is the most interesting JCI event you’ve been to and why?
The beauty with the events in Manchester is that nearly every one is different. Not just different because of the range of people we have attending, but also because of where they are held and the themes which accompany them. One of my favourite events was the ‘Speed Networking’ at Neighbourhood Bar & Restaurant, but the pièce de résistance is the ‘Manchester Young Talent Awards’ or ‘MYTAs’ held annually in November. The MYTAs are not only a great chance for recognition of young talent in Manchester but also a cracking night where the day after HAS to be booked off!

Had JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
JCI Manchester organise an annual event called the ‘New Members Evening’ (aka the ‘NME’) where current and prospective members are invited to an exciting, jam-packed event for free! We use this event as an opportunity to raise the chambers’ profile and display what we are all about to potential members as well as look after our current ones. During the last NME, titled ‘Shaken, Not Stirred’, a Bond themed evening, I was forced to wear the Daniel Craig swimming shorts/underpants. Unfortunately there is photographic evidence of this in the social media world…!

What is your job/career/profession/business?
By definition I am a corporate solicitor, however I have recently decided to embark on the entrepreneurial path. I am working on an exciting new business concept based solely online, which will all become clear in the next 6-9months!

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
Not only has JCI been a pivotal part of my development as a solicitor here in Manchester, but has also provided me with the information, contacts and courage to start my own business. I have a few other shareholders involved in the business and met one of those through JCI so I can’t speak highly enough of how the chamber has helped me get where I am today. Please look out for a blog being produced shortly which will give members a look at how I have taken inspiration from JCI

What’s your proudest achievement?
Volunteering during three consecutive summers, spending time with the wonderful children at Barnardo’s.

If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?
I wouldn’t want to hide it; I would want to walk with it around Manchester everyday (just like on the MoneySuperMarket advert)*

*no animals were harmed in the making of this comment

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done 
It would have to be surfing alongside a shark in Noosa, Australia….it may have turned out to have been a giant turtle!

Thanks Daniel!

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4th Feb, 2015

Midweek Meet The Members - Ben Goddard
by Fiona Silvester on February 4, 2015 09:01


Midweek Meet the Member or MWMTM is an opportunity each Wednesday to find out a little more about one of JCI UK's members.  Including why they joined JCI, their careers and of course the odd random question.

Our first 'volunteer' is Ben Goddard

Which chamber are you a member of?
JCI Cambridge

How long have you been a JCI member?

Membership » Ben Goddard.jpg

Since 2012

What made you join?
Curiosity. :)
Also, a friend was looking to join at the time and I followed (she’s now in Hong Kong, but I’m still a member!)

What is the most interesting JCI event you’ve been to and why?
The Global Village Night at the World Conference in Leipzig, Germany. Most countries would offer up the best of what they had (all for free, as part of the main ticket), which included gin from JCI UK, escargot and wine from JCI France, soju from JCI South Korea, sake from JCI Japan, biltong from JCI Botswana, tequila from JCI Mexico etc. etc., all leading to a great night.

Has JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
Being able to visit new parts of Europe and the World with local, national and international friends whilst listening to interesting speakers is definitely interesting. World Conference allowed me to visit an open pit mine, coal fired power plant, fire testing lab and take a bike tour around the city (again, all for free as part of the main ticket). I still had the energy for the great evening events that were held.

What is your job/career/profession/business?
I’m a freelance chartered civil engineer.

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
I’ll be honest… no. But that is not the reason I joined JCI or the reason I continue to be a member.

What’s your proudest achievement?
No particular defining moment, but I’m proud that I’m generally understanding myself better and better as I get older, knowing where I want to work and travel to, who I want to associate with, what I want to do with my time etc.

What’s your dream car?
I’ve had a car licence for more than 10 years and a motorbike licence for more than 2, yet I’ve never owned either type of vehicle. I live in Cambridge, so a better question is, ‘What’s your dream bike?’…. maybe a nice Cannondale or Pinarello.

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done
Have travelled and stayed for varying periods in Thailand, Kenya, Poland, Houston and Bangladesh as part of work.

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1st Feb, 2015

JCI Yorkshire in January
by CharliePearson on February 1, 2015 16:03


Hi everyone and welcome to February! 

Yes that's right we are a month into 2015 already and it is safe to say things in Yorkshire have been extremely busy and I think it is safe to say I have been around the Region a bit. I have been to events in Barnsley, Leeds, Rotherham and Sheffield as well as Reading for National Board meeting and Manchester for Inspiration Day. Busy busy bee! It has been great to see members traveling around the region too, at every event I have been to there have been members from a different chamber there, which is amazing, and exactly what we need so lets keep it up.

JCI Yorkshire » DSC_0358 2.JPG

JCI Yorkshire 2015 Presidents and RGC

Chamber of the month for January has to be Leeds. Their new members night has a really great feel to it and they got some really great members signing up. One of which attended Inspiration Day in Manchester only a week later! Well Done Leeds. 

For member of the month in January I want to give a special mention to all those who received certificates at Inspiration Day (sorry I can't just choose one) for ACE hours, Pathways, 100% efficiency and £1 a day. Each one of those was truly deserved so you should all be very happy with the recognition. It was fantastic to see such a presence from Yorkshire in these cetificates, I really we hope we can do the same again next year! Congratulations.


JCI Yorkshire » Ace.jpg JCI Yorkshire » Efficency .jpg

Ace Hours                                                          100% Efficiency 

JCI Yorkshire » pathways .jpg JCI Yorkshire » pound a day.jpg

Pathways                                                                     £1 a Day 

So what about February? Well there are a list of events below so there is defiantly enough to keep everyone busy.

5th - JCI Barnsley loves a pub quiz

- JCI Bradford explores north parade

6th - JCI Rotherham Annual Dinner

- JCI Bradford Wear it, Beat it campaign

9th - JCI Sheffield first aid training

17th JCI Leeds Self Defence Training

21st - JCI Rotherham 'come dine with us'

- JCI Sheffield host JCI achieve and impact

26th - JCI Barnsley prioritizing and time management training

27th - JCI Rotherham goes stargazing

28th & 1st - JCI UK Marketing Academy

I know there are more dates just waiting to be confirmed so make sure you keep your eye on local chamber websites and social media for more updates.

This month as well as attending events I a starting to visit all council teams (as I aim to so every three months) so I will hopefully see all the teams and members on my travels.  

This month we will also be stating work on our Yorkshire's Story Project so keep your eyes and ears open and share your stories.

See you soon!

Charlie Pearson

2015 JCI Yorkshire RGC



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27th Jan, 2015

JCI Leeds New Members Night
by Fiona Silvester on January 27, 2015 15:59


JCI Leeds made a flying to start to the year with their launch and new members event on 21st January 2015.  Alex Byers, Georgina Freeman and Emma Eastwood's hardwork paid off and the event was a huge success.  Alex Byers said:


"2015  started with a great event on Wednesday.  Despite the snow that threatened to prevent people attending we had nearly 20 people at our launch.  With fantastic support from across the region we talked to all the potential members in the room.  Within 24 hours we had 3 membership forms returned and are now looking forward to talking to the other attendees in the next couple of weeks."

Membership » Fun and Games    Membership » Meeting new friends   Membership » Listening intently   Membership » Bubbly winners

JCI Leeds have already got events planned for the next few months so be sure to check them out.  A list of February's events is below.



4th- Council Meeting @ Browns 6.30pm

12th - Social @ The Adelphi 6.30pm

17th - Training- Self Defence with Ben Higo from AEGIS Martial Arts venue TBC 6pm

21st - JCI Impact and JCI Achieve in Sheffield

28th Feb-1stt March- Marketing Academy


Congratulations to the whole JCI Leeds team - your hard work is paying off.


Like us on facebook /JCILeeds or follow us on twitter @JCILeeds to get more event updates!!


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12th Jan, 2015

JCI Yorkshire 2015
by CharliePearson on January 12, 2015 09:53


Well it's 2015 and the Yorkshire chambers are going full force! At the end of each month I will be pulling together a list of what they are all up to and sharing it with everyone, there will be two this month to make sure we don't miss all the fantastic stuff happening in January!

Before we do cover off the list of events I wanted to introduce myself. For those of you who don't know me I am Charlie and I am Yorkshire Regional Group Chairman for 2015. I joined JCI at the very end of 2011 and quickly became involved becoming JCI Barnsley Deputy President in June 2012 and then President in 2013. I was a fantastic year (top three most outstanding chambers in Europe!), one I couldn't believe was going to come to an end so I decided it didn't have to and with the Rotherham Relaunch team behind me I became President of JCI Rotherham in 2014. Yes I know three very busy years! So time for a new challenge and a very different role. During 2015 I will be supporting all the chambers in Yorkshire, mentoring and coaching local presidents, chairing and co-coordinating regional activities and events, supporting regional events and representing the region on National Board. It is safe to say I am going to have a busy year and everyone is going to see a lot of me!

JCI Yorkshire » AGM.jpg

It's only 12 days in but we have been busy already. The  JCI Yorkshire Presidents and Deputies meet for the first forum of the year last week and I was blown away with everything going on, we also set all the regional event dates for the year. To add to that the new JCI UK board meet for the first time last weekend and I have to say it looks like it is going to be a very exciting year!

Over the next few weeks there is loads going on around the region and UK. Check it all out!


14th - JCI Rotherham Open Night

-  JCI Sheffield Develop to Succeed Training Session

16th - JCI Barnsley Annual Dinner

21st - JCI Leeds 2015 Launch Night

23rd - JCI Sheffield New Members Night

26th - JCI Rotherham Goal Setting Training Session

28th - JCI Sheffield Network Wednesday

- JCI Harrogate Training Session

29th - JCI Sheffield Panto

- JCI Barnsley Program Launch Night

JCI Doncaster AGM

31st - JCI UK Inspiration Day


1st - National training session for local council teams

6th - JCI Rotherham Annual Dinner

9th - JCI Sheffield First Aid Training Session

12th - JCI Leeds Social

21st - JCI Rotherham Come Dine With ME

- JCI Sheffield Training (JCI Achieve and JCI Impact)

26th - JCI Rotherham Stargazing

28th - JCI UK Marketing Academy


This year we will also have a range of Regional events held across Yorkshire so keep these dates in the diary!

23rd March - Big Supper hosted by JCI Bradford

26th May - Extempore Competition hosted by JCI Sheffield

30th June - Wharfedale Quiz hosted by JCI Barnsley

12th July - Run With Us - Leeds 10k run (run or volunteer)

1st August - Yorkshire Day

17th October - Yorkshire Conference hosted by JCI Rotherham (including public speaking and debating competitions as well as Regional awards dinner and loads more!)

8th December - JCI Yorkshire AGM &social hosted by JCI Leeds


As well as all that going on during the year you will probably hear myself talk about Yorkshire Story. This is the project we will be running in line with the world 100 year website that share stories of JCI around the world. JCI chambers in Yorkshire have been united since 1955 so lets shout about what we do and share our stories! We have a couple of plans for this and you will certainly hear more about that from me later in the year.

JCI Yorkshire » 100years-Yorkshire-Chambers-FEELPROUD.jpg


I think that is all from me this month Yorkshire see you all soon!


Charlie Pearson 

JCI Yorkshie 2015 Regional Group Chair








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31st Dec, 2014

Pound a Day hints, tips and FAQs
by Katie Ogley on December 31, 2014 17:20


It is fantastic to hear of so many members undertaking this challenge for the first time!  So, below are some tips and FAQs gathered from people in previous years to help you along your way.


Hints and Tips

As we’re going to be living on limited resourced, here are a couple of tips on ways to make the most of the food you have and avoid wastage.

Plan your meals

When making your shopping list, try to choose foods that can be made into meals, rather than random individual items. That way you can make the most out of what you buy and avoid having leftover items at the end of the week. 

Know your dates

I’m sure we all check the dates on food when we buy it, but do we know what these dates mean and are we throwing good food away unnecessarily?

• Use by: Food can be eaten up to the end of the ‘use by’ date, but not after even if it looks and smells fine.

• Sell by: You can ignore these dates as they are for shop staff, not shoppers.

• Display until: You can ignore these dates too, as they are also for shop staff.

• Best before: These dates refer to quality rather than food safety. When the date is passed, the food won’t be unsafe but might begin to lose its flavour or texture. One exception, however, is eggs. Never eat eggs after the ‘best before’ date. 

Be fridge smart

• Store your leftovers in clear containers, that way you can see them so you’re less likely to forget about them.

• Don’t slice your food before putting it in the fridge. When slicing meat and vegetables you are increasing the surface area that is exposed to air. Keeping them whole in the fridge will ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Use your freezer

• If there are fresh items that you won’t use before their best before date, such as bread, freeze them and defrost just the quantity you need as and when required.  A number of people have even frozen milk!  Putting it in ice cube trays makes it just the right size for tea and coffee and you only have to defrost what you need.



You’re doing what?!

I’m living off £1 a day for a week for all food and drink, including luxuries such as dining out and alcohol etc!  Unlike most people living on such a tight budget, we don’t have to worry about how much it costs to get to the supermarket, to cook the food or to keep ourselves entertained when we’rehungry!

Why?  How will this raise money?

The money saved from there difference between the £7 budget and a persons normal weekly food and drink spend, is donated to Save the Children via  Save the Children was chosen as the challenge’s chosen charity as they work on preventing food poverty, not only in developing countries, but also in the UK.

The challenge isn’t just about raising money though.  Our members undertaking the challenge will see what it is like to live in this situation and actually experience the conditions they are trying to improve.

Can you eat food you already have? Or things people buy for you?

No! Every year people kindly offer to buy us drinks or to have us round for dinner. Accepting donations of food defeats the purpose of the challenge, as most of us could live quite easily on the generosity of our friends for a week.  A lot of other people aren’t so lucky and are in the situation much more long term.   

Is it unhealthy?

The kind of diet certainly does have limitations long term, but for a week most people actually eat healthier in many ways. Mainly because they can only afford one coffee a day and no alcohol, chocolate, cakes etc. Also having to plan all meals and eat at home so less eating out and take out foodA number of members reported weight loss during the week, but the aim is to try and achieve a manageable, healthy diet, not use the challenge as a kick start to a diet.  We would advise anyone to consult a doctor if they have any medical conditions before taking part. 

Has it changed your perception or food habits?

Absolutely!  Since undertaking the challenge in the past, many members have reviewed their spending habits and certainly taken action on how much food they waste.  It also gave an insight to how lucky we are and how difficult it can be to run a home and manage a job when you are hungry and irritable.

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