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8th Dec, 2016

NAW16 – Community Awards
by Sarah Beckwith on December 8, 2016 21:37


This is the first of a series of blog posts in which we'll outline some more detail about each of our national award winners, giving you an insight into what made these particular projects, members or chambers stand out. We hope this will give members ideas and inspiration for initiatives to run in the future in their chambers.

Best Local Community Empowerment Programme - JCI Manchester for Charity Impact
(Award sponsored by Solveig Malvik, Senator #70867)

The aim of the programme was to deliver a high-quality charity programme that would appeal to a large number of members through its diversity (in terms of both charities and events), and so to establish JCI Manchester as a leading provider of such opportunities and a partner of choice for Manchester charities.

A mental health crisis among young professionals was identified as a major community need and became a focus for the chamber in 2016. An emotive seminar was organised getting members talking about the issue. Local president, Paul Widger, made several speeches in which the issue was addressed, including at the Manchester Young Talent Awards, attended by nearly 300 local professionals. Through various activities, over £2,000 was raised for a locally-based national charity, Anxiety UK.

Blog » Awards » Man - comm gen.jpg

Other activities and achievements included:

  • A campaign was organised to raise awareness about blood donation.
  • A team of 12 completed the 3 peaks challenge.
  • On a twinning visit with JCI Cork, members took part in a civic improvement scheme "Reimagine Cork".
  • Encouraged members to engage with the charities and volunteer time, not just donate money.
  • In total over £5,000 was raised in 2016.


Blog » Awards » Man - community2.jpg

Best Long-term Local Community Programme - JCI London for London 2 Ghana
(Award sponsored by Dominique Duffy, Senator #48990)

The London2Ghana project has been running since 2013 and encompasses a collaboration between JCI London and JCI Ghana to address the MDGs/SDGs in communities in Ghana.

There have been three stages to the project so far:

Part 1 (2013-2014) was about delivering malaria nets to Northern Ghana. After extensive fundraising in the UK, in May 2014, a team of JCI London Members travelled to Ghana and delivered over 1,000 nets to local communities that helped save an estimated 2,000 people from malaria.

Part 2 (2015) was about bringing kids' book to a recently renovated kids' library in Accra. A total of 1,000 books for kids were collected or purchased with money from fundraising. The JCI chamber local to the library have encouraged the kids to read the books by organising a reading competition.

Blog » Awards » Lon - LTC3.jpg

Part 3 (2016) consists of fundraising for 25 computers in the UK and sending them over for a school & school library in Accra and sending around 300 books to a school library in Tarkwa. Money has been raised to buy around 20 second hand laptops, the team secured a donation of 10 computers from Euromonitor and 300 books have been secured through book collections.

A large number of JCI London members have been involved in the project over the years, developing skills such as fundraising, social media, communication, negotiation, programme management, and international relationship and stakeholder management.

Blog » Awards » Lon - LTC2.jpg

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4th Dec, 2016

National Convention 2016
by Sarah Beckwith on December 4, 2016 13:53


The National Convention is always the highlight of the JCI UK year and this year was no exception with a brilliant event organised by JCI Manchester.  It was fantastic to see members from all across the UK converge on Innside Manchester for a weekend of inspiration, celebration and fun.

Since I first found out about the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons) Programme, I have been a massive fan.  I have been blown away by the stories and achievements of young people in the UK and around the world year after year.  This year's TOYP ceremony was an emotional and inspiring session, hearing about how the honourees had overcome heartache and obstacles and used their talent and determination to achieve some extraordinary feats. 

Blog » from the president » NC16 - TOYP.jpg

JCI UK 2016 TOYP Honourees with their Awards

I was personally incredibly proud of all the competitors in the speaking competitions.  It is not easy to get up in front of a room full of people and speak.  Public speaking is amongst the core skills many members have developed through JCI and it was wonderful to see such great progress from the entrants in the extempore, public speaking and debating.

 Blog » from the president » NC16 - Extempore.jpg Blog » from the president » NC16 - Public Speaking.jpg

Blog » from the president » NC16 - Debating.jpg

Entrants in the extempore, public speaking and debating competitions

The quality of speakers throughout the weekend was superb.  We were lucky to hear from the following:

  • Our 2012 National President, Solveig Malvik, who gave a training session on executive presence, giving leaders tools on how to use non-verbal communication to convey charisma and build trust.
  • Rich Jones, Nicky Lidbetter and Sam Jones, who shared their candid and thought provoking stories on mental health.
  • Quinton Fortune, former Manchester United footballer, who told us about his journey from humble beginnings to follow his passion to achieve his dreams.
  • Paralympian David Weir.  During his Q&A session, he answered numerous questions from interviewer Vikas Shah and he audience on topics including the origin of his nickname, the atmosphere at the London Olympics and his legacy project helping other disabled athletes.
  • Dr Luke Blazejewski who made us think by showing us some of his stunning wildlife photography and pointing out that we are now more likely to know about the animals on other continents than those in our own back gardens.
  • JCI Vice President Kaspar Ilves told us the interesting story of the Let's Do It World campaign in Estonia and how JCI has partnered with the organisation to attempt a record breaking world clean up in 2018.


Blog » from the president » NC16 - Quinton.jpgBlog » from the president » NC16 - David Weir.jpg

Quinton Fortune and David Weir share their inspirational stories

The climax of the event was the gala dinner and national awards ceremony, where we celebrated everything that JCI UK, our chambers and members have achieved in 2016.  What made the evening so special, was the incredible atmosphere.  Everyone there was on a high from the inspiring sessions of the weekend and was just so supportive of everyone who was recognised throughout the evening.  I loved handing out the awards to our deserving winners, giving my final speech as national president and handing over the chain of office into the very capable hands of 2017 National President Michael Steel. 

Blog » from the president » NC16 - Chain handover.jpg

JCI UK's Past Presidents pass the chain of office to 2017 National President Michael Steel

The standard of awards entries this year was extremely high.  This is a testament to the hard work taking place in all the chambers in JCI UK.  Congratulations again to all our winners:

  • Extempore Champion - Oliver Hyde from JCI Barnsley
  • Public Speaking Champion - Oliver Rieche from JCI London
  • Debating Champions - JCI Sheffield (Mark Smith, Neal Stirk and Ryan Pilkington)
  • Best Speaker in Debating - Rachael Shah from JCI Manchester
  • Best Local Community Empowerment Programme - JCI Manchester for Charity Impact
  • Best Long-term Local Community Programme - JCI London for London 2 Ghana
  • Best Local Economic Development Programme - JCI Manchester for Manchester Young Talent Awards
  • Best Local Personal Skill Development Programme - JCI Manchester for Ultimate You
  • Best Local Growth & Development Programme - JCI Manchester
  • Best Local OMOIYARI Project - JCI London for Peace Week 
  • Best Inter-Organisational Collaboration Project - JCI London for London 4 Refugees
  • Most Outstanding Social Project - JCI Leeds for The Alternative Quiz of the Year
  • Most Outstanding Regular Local Publication - JCI Sheffield for Steel City News
  • Most Outstanding Programme - JCI London for Outstanding Leaders Programme 
  • Most Outstanding New Member - Anne Homer from JCI Sheffield
  • Most Outstanding Member - Sophie Delaporte from JCI Southampton
  • Most Outstanding Preparation by a Deputy President - David Khanna from JCI London
  • Most Outstanding Local President - Paul Widger from JCI Manchester
  • Most Outstanding New Local Organisation - JCI Greenwich
  • Most Outstanding Local Organisation - JCI London
  • Most Outstanding Senator - Andrew Thompson 
  • Most Outstanding Leader - Sammuel Kitone from JCI Greenwich
  • Most Outstanding Legacy - Rafael Tselikas from JCI London 

Look out for our National Award Winners 2016 (NAW16) series of blogs coming up over the next month, which will tell you about the projects, members and chambers that won.  

See all the picutres from the weekend at JCI Manchester's Facebook Page.

Blog » from the president » NC16 - London win.jpg

JCI London celebrate their award for Most Outstanding Local Chamber

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25th Nov, 2016

World Congress 2016 - Delegates' Perspectives
by Sarah Beckwith on November 25, 2016 01:05


This year's World Congress in Canada was my sixth JCI World Congress. I've attended them on four continents and each is unique and memorable in different ways. This year, as National President, I had the great honour of representing JCI UK throughout the event, which included waving the union flag on stage during opening ceremony, hosting knowledge-sharing meetings with other national organisations and being the official "chief delegate" at the general assembly attended by the international board of directors and delegates from JCI's over 100 national organisations from all around the world.

It was fantastic to see other national presidents who have been sharing the same experience as me for the past two years and celebrating all of JCI's achievements from the last year. Seeing JCI UK recognised in numerous ways throughout the week made the experience even more special.

Blog » International » 14890445_10154177803808299_5788879588423593759_o.jpg

Catching up with other National Presidents

The conference was superbly organised and it was wonderful to see the JCI UK delegation really making the most of the experience. Below some of the members who attended share their impressions of the week.

JCI London member and 2017 National Community Director, Epi Mabika, was attending a World Congress for the second time:

"The World congress experience was sensational! Amidst all the spectacular welcome shows and performances, we attended sessions that equipped us with tools, tips and strategies on becoming better leaders within our organisation. We also had access to practical workshops on how to engage local businesses and other society sectors in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals to create sustainable impact within our communities.

The highlight for me was hearing a keynote from the astronaut - Chris Hadfield - who spoke about his spaceflight dream from childhood & how he broke all barriers to fulfil this. I felt empowered to pursue my own dreams too, no matter how ridiculous they may sound, knowing that "impossible things happen" with faith, persistence and resilience.

I'm thankful to be part of a great organisation that exposes us to such unique opportunities and I applaud the Canadian Congress Organising Committee for hosting us and putting up such an exquisite conference."

Blog » International » WC - Epi.jpg

Epi and friends at a workshop

We were delighted to be joined by globetrotting entrepreneur Zack Young, who appreciated the very special atmosphere at a JCI world congress:

"Attending any of the global JCI events serves as a reminder to me that there is a community of likeminded people out there. It's like meeting a distant family who are eager to engage in deep conversation and share positive energy."

Blog » International » WC - Zack.jpg

Zack and friends from all corners of the world

Immediate Past National President, Drew Charman, had this to say:

"Another World Congress, another simply amazing time! I'm regularly asked what makes JCI so unique compared to other similar organisations. Whilst there are many strings to our bow that we could easily use in response, the one that really makes JCI different for me is the opportunity to travel to many other countries and to experience the diverse cultures that each one offers. Attending a conference is always such a fun experience, providing members to catch up with so many friends from other countries and to make plenty of new ones too.

This year's World Congress in Québec, Canada saw a large number of Senators in attendance. The JCI UK National Board, along with the British Senate Council, has been actively working on further enhancing the great collaboration between our members and Senators over the last few years. It was fantastic to see contribution from all of the attending Senators to the activities of the JCI UK delegation, attending the traditional start of conference Welcome Drinks, supporting National President Sarah during the Opening Ceremony, assisting with the Global Village stall (both in supplies and manning it), plus supporting the newer JCI UK members attending their first conference and helping ensure they have the best experience possible

Blog » International » JCI UK & British Senate - 2016 World Congress.JPG

Drew and fellow senator Sara enjoying the global village party

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23rd Nov, 2016

JCI London in 2017
by MichaelSteel on November 23, 2016 11:19


As I look this week at our chambers preparing for the JCI UK National Convention held in Manchester, a rapidly fast approaching New Year is almost upon us. JCI UK's largest chamber, JCI London, is all set for a massive year of impact with their members.

I spoke with their President Elect David Khanna about his thoughts on taking over as Local President of JCI London in 2017.

David stated: "As President of JCI London 2017, I am most looking forward to working with another wonderful group of passionate, energetic young people who are dedicated to improving themselves as young leaders and who are dedicated to delivering the best programme they can for our diverse membership.

I will be a new challenge for me to lead such a big team, but one I am very much looking to embrace."

Membership » David JCI London 2.jpg


Picture: David Khanna centre bottom with members of JCI London.

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22nd Nov, 2016

Election - JCI Brighton
by MichaelSteel on November 22, 2016 20:49


Now that we are coming towards the end of the calender year...we enter election season!

JCI Brighton are pleased to announce that after their recent AGM, Ann Marie Lestic has been confirmed as their Local President for 2017.

Speaking about leading the chamber in 2017, Ann Marie said:

"I am totally thrilled about leading JCI Brighton next year. We have a massive opportunity to grow our chamber and give young people in Brighton & Hove development opportunities which JCI can offer. I am really excited and can't wait to get started!"

Membership » AM Lestic JCI Brighton.JPG

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18th Nov, 2016

JCI UK Foundation
by James Lambert on November 18, 2016 08:11


Blog » FoundationLogo.jpg


Want to know more about the JCI UK Foundation, its history, its purpose and its recent activity?  Then read on…..


The JCI UK Foundation was set up in 1995 with the specific aim of providing JCI UK with financial assistance for events and projects that primarily focus on membership growth.  Since its formation, the JCI UK Foundation (formerly known as the BJC Foundation) has provided grants to over 25 chambers and Regional Groups in support of the activities and development of JCI UK and its members.


The Foundation fund was and is built by invested capital provided by the members of the Foundation.  Membership of the JCI UK Foundation requires a one-off minimum contribution of £500 from each individual.  These contributions are invested, and the proceeds made available to JCI UK and the local chambers for development projects.  Today the JCI UK Foundation has over 125 members.


The interest income from the invested capital is available:


*  to help contribute to the funding of new Chamber launches;

*  to help sustain recently launched Chambers;

*  to help existing Chambers to grow;

*  to co-fund events which have as a clear objective membership growth.


There is also another area of activity for which grants will be made, and that is for ‘defraying’ or helping bear the capital costs incurred by national, regional, or local organisations in the course of maintaining or extending their infrastructures or systems.  It was under this provision that in 2010 the Foundation supported the creation of the then new JCI UK website (from which you are reading this blog article!).


The Foundation is administered by a team of four JCI UK Foundation Trustees – a group of Foundation members tasked with overseeing the management and governance of the Foundation’s activities.  Julia Lea (Chairman), Andrew Thompson, Alli Cowell & Phil Cavalier-Lumley are the current Trustee incumbents.  They are assisted by two further appointees – the Clerk to the Trustees (Elaine Senior), and, where possible, a co-opted Trustee who is usually from the JCI UK National Board team in order to provide that essential link back to the JCI UK organisation itself.  Well, as you may know, I have been the co-opted member of the Trustees since the beginning of this year as part of my Immediate Past National President role.  I wanted to ensure that as well as the close ties that the JCI UK National Board team has with the British Senate, that we also have a continuing close and collaborative working relationship with the JCI UK Foundation.


Blog » Foundation1.jpg


But what has the JCI UK Foundation done this year?  Well, the Foundation has already provided financial assistance in the form of grants to JCI Sheffield to help off-set the costs of their Business Academy weekend.  The Foundation has also provided money to JCI UK to help with its National Training Academy which was used to help train the new National Training Team members and provide them with the skills to empower them to deliver future development opportunities for JCI UK members.  But that’s not all – the Foundation team are actively working with JCI Greenwich, JCI London and JCI Southampton on further grant applications, plus have held discussions with JCI Brighton on potential grant assistance, and will be working with JCI UK to help provide assistance on off-setting the cost of its new website.


The Foundation team has also worked on its own website and Twitter account this year – check out and follow the Foundation on using its Twitter handle @JCIUKFoundation.


I personally wanted to ensure that as well as the close ties that the JCI UK National Board team has with the British Senate, that JCI UK chambers have a continuing close and collaborative working relationship with the JCI UK Foundation.  To this end I suggested that a great way to help further promote the Foundation and its activities would be to produce a leaflet that chambers and individuals interested in joining the Foundation can take away and peruse at their leisure.  Our marketing guru, Phil Cavalier-Lumley, worked on this using input from the whole team and you can see Phil and the end result below.  Chambers should look out for copies of this leaflet coming their way if they haven’t already got one!


Blog » Foundation2.jpg


Want to know more?  I, along with the rest of the JCI UK Foundation team, am always more than happy to help any chambers with their grant applications or help with any have any queries they may have about our activities or the grant process.  Please do ask away – we’re here to help….  We also always encourage all JCI UK National Board members and Local Presidents to act as champions for the Foundation and its activities, so you can always ask them too!



By Drew Charman

Immediate Past National President - JCI UK National Board

Co-opted Trustee – JCI UK Foundation

Senator #73605



Twitter: @JCI_Drew


Blog » Drew.jpg


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14th Nov, 2016

JCI UK Achievements Recognised at World Congress
by Sarah Beckwith on November 14, 2016 23:29


It was always going to be an epic week, with thousands of JCI members from around the world meeting in Quebec City for the week-long 2016 World Congress, but for JCI UK it was full of incredible highs as our achievements were recognised several times.

On Tuesday morning I had the privilege to go up on stage during the Morning Show to collect a 100% Efficiency Award from World President, Paschal Dike. The award recognises national organisations which are providing the services necessary to local members to support their efforts to achieve the JCI Mission and create sustainable impact. It requires fulfilment of several KPIs throughout the year to show that the organisation is operating in accordance with international guidelines.

Blog » from the president » 100 percent efficiency.jpg

This was the first time that JCI UK had achieved 100% efficiency since 2007. We were one of only two national organisations in Europe to be recognised and one of less than ten out of over 100 countries around the world! 2016 has seen us put in place a solid plan of action with the resulting outputs leading to a bigger, stronger organisation that will be more sustainable in the years to come. The 100% efficiency award truly is a testament to the incredible hard work of all our local chambers and the national board team throughout the year.

On Thursday night, the JCI UK delegation congregated at the awards ceremony to cheer on our entries into the World Awards. Whilst we are incredible proud of all of our chambers' and members' achievements, we knew the competition would be tough with entries from all corners of the JCI World. We were therefore jumping up and down with excitement when JCI Southampton President, Celestine Onomo, was named Most Outstanding New Member in the World!

Blog » from the president » Award for Celestine.jpg

Celestine had this to say about her win: "I am over the moon! I had been thinking about that moment without ever believing it and then it happened, making it all the way to Canada to witness me and my dear friends achieving our goals! Thanks to all the people who have been part of this journey and for the support in the room. I woke up as the Most Outstanding New Member in the world of an organisation of 100,000s of people".

Look out for another blog charting our members' experiences of the congress soon!

Blog » from the president » Celestines awards.jpg

From National to European to World...Celestine's Awards mark one extraordinary achievement after another


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17th Oct, 2016

Member of the Month - Marine Klein (JCI London)
by Sarah Beckwith on October 17, 2016 12:29


Member of the month for September goes to Marine Klein of JCI London, who is the project lead for the London Peace Week project.Blog » meet the members » Marine.jpg

Marine has led an enthusiastic team over the course of the year, who have built on the success of this long-term project of the chamber, embracing the international JCI campaign of Peace Is Possible.  In March she presented the project to JCI World President Paschal Dike and engaged him to support the project by recording a video asking other members around the world to support the project.  Activities throughout the year included a Peace Pub Quiz, social media activities encouraging members around the world to commit to the Peace Is Possible Campaign and a free hugs event on World Peace Day in Trafalgar Square.  The Peace Conference held on 20 September featured ten speakers including academics who research peace, a former diplomat and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.  The conference was attended by over 90 people.

Rafael Tselikas, JCI London President and initiator of the London Peace Project in 2013 had this to say:

"Marine, Oli and the peace week team have done an outstanding job this year. They managed to organise an excellent peace conference which was sold out. This was JCI London Peace Conference 4th edition and the best of all 4. We are very proud of them and the work they have done in raising awareness about peace and the SDG 16".

Each member of the month gets £50 off the price of the JCI UK National Convention in November. 

Blog » meet the members » London Peace Conference - Sept 2016.jpg

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11th Oct, 2016

Blog by Phil Cockayne, JCI Regional Group Chairman for Yorkshire 2016

Members from JCI Bradford will be joining a panel of Young Entrepreneurs at this years Yorkshire Enterprise Network YENExpo.

Hosted at Bradford College on the 25th October, this event will see everyone from professionals, business owners and students coming together to celebrate what’s great about business in Yorkshire.

The conference will include a number of clinics including a panel discussion of 5 young entrepreneurs (2 of which are JCI Bradford members) talking about their experiences, what some of the barriers are in being a young entrepreneur and what lessons they’d give to others who are considering the same journey.

The session came about due to the glamorisation of entrepreneurial culture, the rise in trends such as the ‘Gig Economy’ or ‘Portfolio Careers’ in which people (particularly millennials) are pursuing other avenues of income rather than just a full-time role. This promotes a learning by doing approach to business, taking the reigns of your own development and eventually moving from finding a nice side-income and, for the ambitious few, moving towards ensuring your own financial sustainability.

JCI globally is passionate about free enterprise and all national organisations promote entrepreneurship to its members. This is in everything from next years Enterprise Academy launch, JCI Sheffield’s Business Academy and JCI Bradford Young Enterprise Society Peer Support Group.

Members had this to say about JCI for young entrepreneurs:

"JCI Bradford has been a great organisation to be a member of for the last few years. I have attended some valuable training sessions which have helped both my personal development and growth of my business", Caroline Towers, member since mid-2014

"The range of training provided to me by JCI Bradford has been of huge benefit to my business, helping me to face challenges in all areas of the business", Carl Marsden, member since late-2015


Please join JCI UK in supporting our members in speaking at this years #YENExpo in Bradford and please do go along if you can make it.

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4th Oct, 2016

Could you loan £15?
by James Lambert on October 4, 2016 12:47


Would you like to take part in an initiative that involves Community, Business and International for the price of a £15 loan - all from the comfort and safety of your computer?

Well with Lendwithcare you can do just that!

Lendwithcare brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with people with the power to help them - people like you and other JCI members! Run by one of the world's leading aid and development organisations, Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way for you to help people in the developing world to transform their lives. There is a lot more information about lendwithcare on their website

I have been loaning money for a couple of years now and in that time my loans have been repaid and then recycled a number of times (although you can withdraw the money once it has been repaid if you would prefer not to reinvest it). To date I have added credit of £130 which has resulted in total loans of £550 and has:

Funded 36 Loans;

Helped 282 Entrepreneurs

Helped 1392 Family Members

and created 25 jobs!!

How to get involved?

Please join me in helping to make a difference to entrepreneurs and their families in developing countries by setting up an account and join the JCI UK lending team (easy to find by searching for JCI)! You can then allocate your loans to JCI and together we can keep track of how many people we have helped by clicking on the team page 

If you have any questions please get in touch with me by email or have a look on the Lendwithcare website



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