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18th Apr, 2014

Bursaries available for LEAP 2014
by Sarah Beckwith on April 18, 2014 06:59


JCI UK has four £75 bursaries available for JCI UK members wishing to attend LEAP 2014, taking place 29 to 31 August in Birmingham.  We want to make our flagship leadership academy accessible to as many members as possible and hope that the bursaries will support members who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Gareth Carson from JCI Sheffield describes his experience of receiving a bursary to attend LEAP in 2013;

"I was very excited to find out that I could attend LEAP through a bursary. I was really nervous to fill in my application form but I just made sure that my passion for JCI came across and made sure that I made clear what my JCI journey would look like. I talked about how I wanted to progress to become a council team director but didn't have the confidence in getting to that stage and wanted to go on LEAP to help build that confidence. I also talked about how I would share my experience of LEAP with other members of the Sheffield chamber and of the wider region hence why I am writing this blog. I received an e mail within a few days of completing my bursary application form from Dan Senter, our local president at the time, advising me that I have been successful and received a full bursary to attend LEAP. I was over the moon to find this out as I had just started my own business and wouldn't have been able to afford the cost on my own. 

LEAP » Gareth presenting with confidence.jpgLEAP » Gareth receiving Greatest LEAP award.jpg

Gareth presenting with confidence and receiving his well-deserved "Greatest LEAP" award

The experience I had at leap was second to none, I was very proud to pick up the award for greatest LEAP on the last day and won my ticket to inspiration day as well. I gained confidence and learnt how to conduct my self around other people with different personality styles as well as how to deal with people with the same personality style as myself. I would encourage everyone to apply and to attend LEAP as without it I wouldn't currently be Membership and engagement director for Sheffield as well as planning to run for Deputy President next year. I am hoping to also be part of the training team for LEAP this year. So don't delay apply today."


You can apply for a bursary here.  The deadline for applications is 15 May.  More details about LEAP can be found on our dedicated page:  Registration is now open at


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16th Apr, 2014

Public Speaking Academy – Our Fabulous Trainers!
by Sarah Beckwith on April 16, 2014 06:59


We are pleased to announce the line-up of fantastic trainers for the JCI UK Public Speaking Academy on 10-11 May.  Tickets for this not-to-be-missed event are selling fast, with around 50% of tickets sold already.  To secure your place, book yours here today.

Cathleen McCarron - Our Storytelling Expert

Personal Development » Cathleen McCarron.jpgCathleen McCarron is a London-based voice, text and accent coach who has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and several major drama schools, as well as with hundreds of non-performers including teachers, lawyers, bankers, doctors and many more.  After almost ten years as a professional actress and three years as a professional oral storyteller, she trained on the internationally-renowned MA Voice Studies programme at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, graduating with Distinction. She went on to spend a year in the Voice Department of the Royal Shakespeare Company, providing text and voice support across several major productions and contributing to the work of the RSC's Open Stages, Events and Education Teams. 

You can find out more about Cathleen at:

Solveig Malvik - Our Charisma Coach

Personal Development » Solveig.pngSolveig Malvik is the JCI European Public Speaking Champion 2010, 2010 JCI London President, 2012 JCI UK National President and Senator #70867. As a speaker, writer and coach, Solveig helps private clients and professionals all over the world connect better in person and online through one-on-one coaching, online courses and workshops. Solveig lectures on Persuasion & Human Behaviour, and Brand Strategy at the INSEEC business school in London.  Solveig has lived and worked globally, from managing rock musicians in the Middle East, publishing a Russian newspaper to being Head of Marketing at one of the largest education companies in the UK.

You can find out more about Solveig here:

Kate Atkin - Our Professional Speaker

Personal Development » Kate.jpgKate Atkin has been speaking to audiences on the topics of management development, leadership, personal impact, business and confidence for nearly two decades.   Having inspired thousands of people to believe in themselves, Kate is now one of the UK's most inspirational female speakers.  Kate is a JCI World Debating Champion and was runner up in the European Public Speaking Competition.  She has competed as a member of Toastmasters International and was the UK and Ireland Speech Evaluation Contest Champion in 2005.  Kate is a Past President of JCI Cambridge and Senator #58973.

You can find out more about Kate at:


Sarah Beckwith - Our JCI Competitions Guru

Personal Development » Sarah.jpgSarah is the current JCI UK Personal Development Director, a Past President of JCI London and Senator #71411. She has been a member of JCI for around seven years, has held numerous roles locally and nationally and is a qualified JCI Trainer.  Before joining JCI, Sarah used to be terrified of public speaking, but thanks to many fantastic workshops, debating competitions and presenting her JCI experiences at events, she has grown to like it so much she has now joined Toastmasters.




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15th Apr, 2014

A Member's Experience of the 2014 COC Academy
by Drew Charman on April 15, 2014 22:04


Wasim Alfaisal, 2014 Deputy President of JCI Leeds, recently had the unique opportunity to attend this year's COC Academy - JCI's flagship training event for anyone wishing to learn all about being part of a JCI conference organising team.  Here's what he had to say about this fantastic experience:

"Good Morning!  I have just woken up from two days continuous sleep which I really needed after coming back from Estonia where I attended the JCI Conference Organising Committee (COC) Academy from 18-23 March 2014 in a magical place called Roosta on the west coast of Estonia.  On my way back from Tallinn airport I was asked to pay extra for my flight as the weight of information and knowledge I brought back with me was so heavy I think I exceeded the allowance!  I also needed additional insurance because the information I was carrying with me was worth a lot.


2014 COC Academy


Anyway, I say it's a "Good Morning" because, since the Academy, I feel it has given me a new lease of life.  I have returned a different Wasim to the one who left.  It has been a week of extensive training on how to organise a successful JCI conference.  It was a week of being pushed to my limits, with no more than two hours sleep per day.  A week of working with a great team, learning from great trainers, hearing the experience of Know-How Transfer trainers, making friends from around the world and having fun.  It was an unforgettable and extraordinary experience.

I worked with a fantastic team of 10 JCI members from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway and Switzerland.  We were called the 'Green Team' and we lived together in the green hut.  On the first day we took the task of organising a JCI World Congress and, because we were 'green', we decided to have this conference for the first time in JCI in Greenland and the theme of our conference to be 'Be Smart, Be Green'.  We divided the tasks between us and I had the honour of being the COC Director for this conference.


2014 COC Academy - Practising Presentation Skills


Our time during the Academy was divided between attending seminars during the day and coming back to our hut to cook, eat and work on the project at night, then presenting our task first thing the next day.  We were taught modules on Team Building, Conflict Management, Presentation Techniques, Leadership, Project Management, Time Management, Marketing, Communications, Sales and Lobbying.  In addition we heard daily from the Know-How Transfer trainers who told us about their experiences of organising previous JCI international conferences and provided tips on how to make them successful.  We were essentially put in a real situation similar to what the Conference Organising Committee would face when organising a JCI conference; starting with deciding the location, planning and bidding, promotion, organising sponsorship, budget management, right through until the departure of the last participant.


2014 COC Academy - Team Building


I am proud to be one of the 31 graduates of COC Academy this year, and I encourage every JCI member to attend this life changing experience.  Finally, I would like to THANK from the bottom of my heart - the trainers (Patrick, Per, Deniz and Benjamin) for the valuable skills and information they have taught us; the Know-How Transfer trainers for sharing their great experience; my Green team colleagues, I learnt a lot from every one of you and hope to see you again soon; the JCI UK National Board and JCI Leeds for supporting me to attend this Academy.  I am now ready to put the experience I gained into practice.  Last but not least, I would like to thank the organisers of the Academy, Eva and her team.  You guys were great and everything was professional, I hope you will continue your chain of success - it's a great contribution to JCI."


2014 COC Academy - Graduation


Wasim Alfaisal

2014 Deputy President - JCI Leeds





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13th Apr, 2014

Marketing Academy 2014 – An Inspirational Weekend!
by Paul Thwaite on April 13, 2014 15:36


Blog » JCI UK events » JCI Marketing Academy 2014 Logo.jpg

Marketing Academy 2014 - An Inspirational Weekend!

As part of my duties as Marketing Director for JCI Sheffield 2014, I was very excited to go off to the Marketing Academy Weekend (forgetting the 6am start!) and spend 2 days learning and discussing the best ways to promote our chambers.

As a marketing professional myself, I was (at the risk of sounding haughty) wary that I might spend a weekend being taught how to do things I do on a daily basis, but nevertheless I went along knowing deep down that a JCI weekend surely wouldn't let me down.

And I was right.

As the room (in the amazing BPP building in the heart of Birmingham) began to fill up, the atmosphere just felt right. You could sense that the place was full of a bunch of enthusiastic, lively and friendly people and that we were going to have a great time.

Introduced i

n the morning by Kirstie Barnett and Paul Thwaite of JCI UK National Board, no time was lost and we got straight into training. Over the weekend there were sessions on PR, Social Media, how to successfully promote a membership lead organisation with appearances from some great trainers including Sofie Sandell, Dave Reed and our very own UK President, Kate Senter.

Blog » JCI UK events » JCI Marketing Academy 2014.jpg

The weekend ignited a real fire in my belly to take everything we were taught and put it into a fantastic Marketing Plan that Andy (my JCI Marketing partner) and I can work with to help JCI Sheffield achieve its goals. And we wasted no time in doing this and spent the following Saturday in the pub (where else?!) with our laptops typing away our plan for the next 12 months.

And the people, let's not forget the people! Every single person was a pleasure to be around and work with for the 2 days. There was lots of experience shared and friendships made as the weekend went on, which will hopefully result in some cross-county chamber meet ups!

I genuinely can't wait for Marketing Academy 2015, for which I've already offered my services as a trainer. And if I'm not taken up, I'll be there to serve coffee - it really was that good!

So if you were unsure whether to attend this year, or are considering doing so next year - don't think twice, just do it! It's the best place to really spend some time thinking about the importance of marketing, for your chamber or you workplace, and it is SURE to leave you buzzing with inspiration to take back home and action.

My Top 5 Things I Took Away from Marketing Academy 2014 (n no particular order)

  • Using Hootsuite Pro to schedule Social Media posts for weeks in advance
  • Using Bambuser to capture short videos (that don't save on your iPhone's memory) to quickly upload on to Social Media and Websites
  • Using an iPhone tripod to do the above - I was especially excited about this!
  • Try using different pricing techniques for events to see what works and what doesn't
  • I make a very bad dolphin impression... don't ask!

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1st Apr, 2014

Volunteering is ACE!
by Katie Ogley on April 1, 2014 09:00


Ladies and gentlemen, ACE is back!

Established in 2011, ACE (Active Citizen Experience) is the free-choice volunteering programme which recognises the positive contribution that members make in their communities through active involvement in a diverse range of activities.  This programme was initially created as an activity for my local chamber, JCI Doncaster, so I am excited to see it succeed in my year as Community Director for JCI UK.  I believe that, in addition to participating in organised JCI activities, members should be allowed to choose activities which are special to them and be acknowledged for this.  Volunteering can be a very personal thing and one of my favourite quotes is from Margaret Mead who said 'never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has'.  It is these small actions which add up to make big changes.

The scheme has three different accreditation levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold - with members being awarded certificates for the number of volunteer hours (between 10 and 30 hours) that they contribute to community projects.  These can volunteering with a local charity, fundraising activities, such as being sponsored to run a marathon, working with Scout or Brownie groups, or just simple gestures like supporting an elderly neighbour.  

There are a number of members who have actively engaged in the programme and, in some cases, actually contributed more hours that the highest level ACE awards!  Here is why they do it:


"The ACE programme is a really great way to log all your volunteering hours, not just what you do with JCI but in any setting.  It really gets you to think about how you are having an impact on responding to the outcomes of the Millennium Development Goals.  I was really shocked with how many hours I logged, often averaging 30-40 hours a month, which is like doing an extra week at work time wise on a range of projects!"

Mark Smith, JCI Sheffield


"The great thing about ACE is it takes into account what you do both in and outside of JCIIt was an amazing feeling to have my hard work recognised by my Chamber and I felt honoured to be presented with my award in January for all my efforts last year."

 Jenny Storey, JCI Barnsley

Since there is clearly so much passion for this area, we are adding an additional level to the awards this year!  There will now be a platinum award for any members who contribute more than 100 hours of voluntary service in 2014.

To log hours all you have to do is complete the sections on the ACE form each time you undertake an activity.

Lets get volunteering and making a difference in our community!  For more infomation visit or contact me on


Katie Ogley

Communtiy Director, JCI UK


Community » Untitled folder » ACEBanner2.jpg

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28th Mar, 2014

Congratulations JCI Canary Wharf!
by Sarah Beckwith on March 28, 2014 12:16


Oh what a night! On Tuesday 25 March, over 70 people gathered to celebrate JCI Canary Wharf becoming JCI UK's newest affiliated chamber. And boy do these guys know how to celebrate!

The views from over the skyscrapers and water of Canary Wharf from the 48th floor Attic bar were stunning. There were great speeches explaining why the chamber was started, what it is setting out to achieve and what members can gain from JCI. The achievements of the members were recognised with awards for innovation, excellence and leadership. 

Blog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party View2.jpgBlog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party View1.jpg

Attendees were treated to the best views over Canary Wharf

The Canary Wharf team have worked really hard and have already achieved an incredible amount. They have a vision (Lead you Life), they have already hosted many successful events and have some brilliant community projects in the pipeline. It is no surprise they have experienced 80% membership growth so far this year and have some very big ambitions for the rest of the year.

What strikes me is how much of a team they are. A team that is supportive, a team that is excited and a team that is having fun. Most of all a team that is open and encouraging others to join them, something I'm sure they'll have no trouble with.

Blog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Packed Room.jpgBlog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Organising Team.jpg

The room was packed with JCI Canary Wharf members, members from sister chamber JCI London, senators and non-members (also known as potential members) thanks to the hard work of organising team Leena, Ilario and Nabiil

President, Michela Pascucci, on behalf of the chamber graciously thanked members, senators and national board directors who have helped out and were there to support them. In fact I think we should be thanking them. It is seeing the success of a new chamber like Canary Wharf that inspires and motivates me as a national board member. I feel very lucky to have been able to play my part, however small, in their journey so far.

Deputy National President, Drew Charman, had this to say:

"It was a fantastic event. The energy and buzz in the room was electric. Both Michela Pascucci and Kate Senter gave amazing and inspiring speeches - it was one of those genuine moments that I was filled to the brim with pride at being both a member of JCI and a member of the National Board team".

Blog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Awards.jpgBlog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Awards 2.jpg 

Members were recognised for their contribution to the organisation

The JCI Canary Wharf affiliation party was the very definition of a great JCI event - I came away with a huge smile on my face thanks to all the fantastic people I met (and wanting to run home and write a blog to shout about it!). I loved speaking to new and potential members of the chamber, answering their questions and hearing about their aspirations for their membership.

Congratulations JCI Canary Wharf - I can't wait to see your chamber's story unfold.


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19th Mar, 2014

Newsflash - JCI UK launches Public Speaking Academy
by Sarah Beckwith on March 19, 2014 21:53


On 10th to 11th May 2014 JCI UK members can experience the latest in our amazing line up of academies - the inaugural JCI UK Public Speaking Academy.

Why did we decide to launch this academy?

Throughout the year JCI UK hosts fantastic flagship academies and events designed to equip our members with life skills to make them effective JCI members, leaders and active citizens.

  • February - Marketing Academy
  • August - LEAP Leadership Academy
  • November - National Convention (Business, Competitions and Celebrations)

Ask many members (myself included) what they have gained from JCI and confidence in public speaking will be high on the list.  Every year members have the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills by attending training courses, presenting at local events and competing in local, national and international competitions.  The opportunity to develop in this area, which so many people find extremely daunting, in a safe and supportive environment with other members from chambers all around the country is priceless.

To be held in May, the public speaking academy will complete our suite of outstanding national personal development events.

What can delegates expect?

Two days filled with tips and tricks on becoming a truly impactful public speaker.  Themes include structure and language, owning the stage and storytelling.  All of these learning points will be helpful for those aiming to take part in any of the JCI speaking competitions (public speaking, debating and extempore).  And of course there will be lots of opportunity to practice!

Our trainers include professional experts who coach public speaking for a living, a JCI public speaking champion and members who have been through their own public speaking development journey thanks to JCI.  More details will be announced soon!

Where and how much?

 We are privileged to once again have use of the fantastic facilities at BPP in Birmingham.

The cost of the academy is just £59 for members, which includes all training, training materials and lunch on both days.  You can book here:  



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10th Feb, 2014

So, just how is a JCI local chamber run? When I first became a member of JCI Sheffield, I was pretty ignorant to the (obvious!) fact that, behind the training, the networking and the social events, some little elves had been working hard to make it all happen.

Some months later, I frivolously agreed to take on the role of Marketing and Communications Director 2014 and had no idea what I had let myself in for.

Having a demanding job and various hobbies, my initial and very serious worry was time management. I've read many books on the subject and tried different methods to try to get my derriere in gear, but distraction seems to be my best friend.

However, I've been assured - and have convinced myself - that through accurate planning and good communications, there is time to fulfil a council role and be part of the JCI Sheffield machine.

After an incredible Inspiration Day on Saturday February 1st, hosted by JCI Barnsley, I was back on the M1 early Sunday morning for a helping of Council Team Training to kick start the year and make sure we were all up to speed on what is required of a Council Team and how best to plan our year.

The session was delivered by Sarah Beckwith and Drew Charman, from the JCI UK National Board, with Presidents and Deputies from other chambers in attendance.

It was fabulous to have the entire JCI Sheffield Council Team there (the only city to do so, go Sheffield!) to receive the training and it really helped us as a team to crystallise the formalities of what we need to do, to then allow us to be creative in how we're going to do it.

We were taken through the fundamentals of how to run a chamber and reminded of various documents that, as council members, we should be au fait with (the Constitution, the UK Plan of Action, Pathways etc. - don't worry if these mean nothing, I'm still learning too!)

We also did some personality tests, which were great fun (and a stark look in the mirror!) and highlighted everyone in the room's different methods of doing things - just to emphasise how it takes all kinds of people to create something impactful.

The main focus of the day however, was that JCI is a member's organisation. Period. And as Council Members we are responsible for the smooth running of the chamber, the responsible appropriation of the chamber's finances and making sure that all of our members get the very best out of their membership.

Having the entire Sheffield Council Team present meant that we were all aware first hand of the job we have to do. And it was great to be amongst other Council members from around the UK to really drive home the fact that we're part of a national - no global - organisation and that, by staying on the tracks laid out in the training session, we can really help to create positive change in our cities and communities.

As an individual who joined JCI to develop on my personal skills and nothing else, I've really come to appreciate the genuine difference that this organisation makes. There was an air of honesty and sincerity in the room on February 2nd 2014. An air of wanting to Be Better, to help members in achieving their goals and to inject some positive action in the respective communities.

By Ashleigh Gray, Marketing and Communication Director 2014, JCI Sheffield

Personal Development » JCISheffieldCouncilTeam.jpg

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30th Jan, 2014

First Official Courses of 2014
by Sarah Beckwith on January 30, 2014 21:13


On 25 January JCI London hosted the first two official training courses of the year.  Two participants tell us about their experiences of JCI Achieve and JCI Impact:

Egle Valeikaite

I first heard about JCI from a close friend of mine who suggested I join. After attending a few events as a newbie, I was advised to participate in the Achieve & Impact workshop which was held on a Saturday morning and how glad am I that I went.

Not only did I get to meet other new JCI members, but also have the chance to find out more about the organisation itself.

Personal Development » Achieve Impact Group Work.jpg

Never mind Saturday, the workshop organisers achieved a great success in attendance. We even had someone who flew from Malta especially for the workshop!

During the two part seminar, we were thoroughly guided through the ideology and principles that stem from JCI's history. JCI's mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change had been delivered year after year for more than a century. I could see the enthusiasm in our workshop trainers. JCI has given even more: aspiring to teach others of what they learned themselves.

Personal Development » Achieve Impact Training.jpgThe interactive model of a workshop meant we could all get a taste of what it's like to be a part of a team-effort based project.We had to discuss the most prominent local communitie's problem in groups and find a cause by simply asking "why". That way we were able to peel down the issue to its root cause and come up with a solution to eradicate it. Finally, each group presented their own proposals, which were: culture rejuvenation centre for people to integrate and thus eliminate loneliness and alienation; workshops on how to be happy and make people smile more and support small businesses in order to prevent new betting shops springing into the market.

The workshop truly delivered what it promised and even more. It not only explained how JCI works and what opportunities it holds, it also inspired us to act and become active citizens of the world, be it on a national, international or an individual level.


Adedunmade Onibokun 

JCI London has been organising great events and trainings; we have also succeeded in raising thousands of pounds for buying malaria treated mosquito nets which will be delivered to families in Tamale, Ghana later in the year. It's been an awesome experience and it gets more exciting when you think that it's just the beginning of the year. Recently, on 25th January, 2014 we had the JCI Achieve and Impact training sessions at London Bridge. Every JCI event is always unique and special, so I was super excited to attend. It was also nice to see members of JCI Canary Wharf there too.

Personal Development » Achieve Impact Networking.jpgOne of the questions Soraya and Sarah asked the participants at the JCI London 2014 Achieve and Impact session was "what is our greatest value"? That worth, merit, or importance that stands every one of us out from the crowd. My greatest value is my unsatisfiable urge to contribute to social growth and development, I derive fulfilment from knowing I am not only living but contributing to making the world a better place, naturally in JCI, a worldwide network of young individuals dedicated in service to humanity, I find like minds and through this active citizens framework we actualise this dream together.

The room was filled with really nice and friendly faces and in no time Soraya had written down a long list of incredible values which represented the contributions of everyone, wow, the energy was amazing. Attending JCI Achieve helps you learn the values of JCI, that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; that economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; that government should be of laws rather than of men; that earth's great treasure lies in human personality and that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Personal Development » Achieve Impact Trainers.jpgThe trainers, Soraya Bowen and Sarah Beckwith conducted the training amazingly. Each participant had a great time, role playing on identifying the various challenges in our communities and coming up with great ideas on how to mitigate them was one of the many highlights of the training, as usual networking was great, plus the lunch and opportunity to get together for drinks at the local pub later in the evening was amazing. I made a lot of new amazing friends which I look forward to seeing at other JCI functions and events. It was a brilliant way to spend the Saturday and I had an incredible time. A very special shout-out to the organisers, they did a great job.

The JCI Mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change and our Vision is to be the leading global network of young active citizens. We believe young people have the power to change the world and we take action. If you are in London and will like to learn more about JCI or participate in any events, follow this link to our calendar, here you go;

Personal Development » Achieve Impact Group.jpg

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6th Jan, 2014

What does personal development mean to you?
by Sarah Beckwith on January 6, 2014 20:19


According to that fount of knowledge Wikipedia, "Personal Development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations".

Personal Development » Debating at World Congress.jpgHaving been a member of JCI for over seven years, I can wholeheartedly agree with this: developing potential and realising aspirations is what JCI is all about. When I joined I was terrified of public speaking, little did I know that I'd end up making a speech in front of an audience of 100 at the House of Lords, taking part in international debating competitions and even training others on public speaking. Thanks to JCI, I've also organised a 3 day conference, lead a team of 18 as local president and developed a love of blogging!


Personal Development » House of Lords Speech.jpg

And personal development can come in all shapes and sizes and fromunexpected places, not just training courses. This year I've once again been taking part in the JCI UK Pound a Day Challenge, living off a budget of £1 a day for my food and drink. Cooking is not really my thing and last year I relied heavily on my then housemate and past national president, Solveig Malvik, who is a great cook. This year I'm on my own and so decided to have a go and try making soup and a casserole from scratch. They tasted good, don't appear to have given me food poisoning, so have given me the confidence to attempt more new recipes in the future.

Personal Development » Training in JCI Reading.jpg

This is why I'm so passionate about personal development/training in JCI - the opportunities are endless. I've taken on the role of National Personal Development Director this year as a new challenge for myself. The roles I've done for the past two years have been very much in my comfort zone with lots of spreadsheets, admin and e-mails; all relatively individual and quiet. Training will push me to be more creative, delegate and put myself out there more (but no fear there will of course still be spreadsheets!).

If you want to share what personal development in JCI has done for you, what you want to get out of personal development this year or have any ideas for training in JCI UK, please get in touch:


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