Active Citizen Experience

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JCI UK Active Citizen Experience (ACE)

One of the core values of JCI is to make a local impact and be ACTIVE CITIZENS.  What better way to do this is there than to volunteer in your local community? 

Here in JCI UK we want to reward those members who go that little bit further and get actively involved in their local communities.  As a result we will be recognising members for their level of community involvement through the community hours project.  


What do I have to do?

It is very simple - all you have to do is volunteer in your local community and record your hours. 

  • Keep a record of the number of hours you volunteer and log them on our JCI UK ACE form (contact Katie Jackson if you require assistance with this,
  • Keep your local Community Director or Chamber up to date with your progress.

  • Send your volunteering stories and photos to the JCI UK Community Director, Katie Jackson, at and be sure to post on Social Media.

  • Wait to be recognised at a National event (usually Inspiration Day)! 


All we need now is for members to get started and get volunteering!