JCI UK National Board


The JCI UK National Board team is made up of experienced members and is elected every year at JCI UK’s Annual General Meeting. Many have previously been Local Presidents or have served on the Boards of their local chambers.
The primary functions of the JCI UK National Board are to support local chambers, represent the membership, act as the link between the international and local levels of JCI, and put in place strategies to enable successful long term planning for the national organisation.  The National President formulates a Plan of Action for JCI UK for the year ahead which the wider National Board team implements to help achieve these primary functions.  Each National Board team member is responsible for their own area with the Plan of Action, ensuring that they support and add value to the activities and objectives of each Local President and the chambers they represent.
The National Board also ensures that JCI UK continues to hold high quality national events & projects through the year that inspire, challenge and develop its members.  These flagship events provide wonderful opportunities to bring members together to collaborate and share best practices, support each other with finding solutions to local challenges, meet old friends and make new ones, and also celebrate success whilst having plenty of fun doing so.
The National Board team actively travels around the country to work with and support JCI UK’s local chambers, participating in their events, provide training, and liaising with local members in order to update them on the strategic initiatives being put in place whilst also gaining important feedback and ideas that can be implemented in the future.


National President: Michael Steel

Michael is responsible for leading the JCI UK national organisation and the 2017 National Board  team. He represents JCI UK nationally and internationally, supports the local Presidents in the UK and sets the national strategies and the plan of action for the year.

Deputy National President: Ben Hawley

Ben's role will be to support the National President in the delivery of the JCI UK Plan of  Action and to support the National Board team. He will also be working with local Deputy  Presidents to develop a strong network, which will ensure continuity and a great start to 2017. Ben is also responsible for leading the Chamber Taskforce team which is responsible for helping struggling chambers. He will also help JCI UK grow via new chamber launches and re-starting dormant chambers.
Ben is responsible for supporting the national organisation with its strategic relationships as well  forming professional relationships with like-minded organisations.  He will also be supporting local  chambers with their strategic partnerships, offering valuable advice on how to form and sustain mutually beneficial relationships.

Immediate Past National President: Sarah Beckwith

Sarah is responsible for mentoring the National President and National Board team. 

Finance Director: Mark Smith

Mark's role will involve financial planning, long term planning and also managing membership benefits, senate bursaries and grants. Mark will be also be looking at how JCI UK upgrades its  finance system to ensure better management of its finances for the organisation and its  members. 

Administration Director: Fiona Morgan

Fiona's role is to ensure that JCI UK runs as efficiently as possible. She will ensure there is a robust  structure around document and information management, whilst  supporting local chambers in the adoption and sharing of standard practices to drive continuous  improvement. All of this whilst also support the National President and National Board with the  capture and circulation of important information.

Membership & Growth Director: Ben Hawley

Ben's role is to manage the national membership database, review membership recruitment and retention strategies, whilst also looking at how to grow the organisation. Ben is also leading on the project to design and build a new website for JCI UK and local Chambers

Communication Director: Milena Sakowicz

Milena is responsible for the promotion of JCI UK and supporting local marketing directors to ensure that people learn about what JCI is.

International Director: Katie Ogley

Katie's role is to put the 'International' in JCI for all our members.  He will make sure that everyone  has the information and support they need to make the most of the opportunities that JCI offers  outside  the UK. 

Yorkshire Regional Group Chairman: Mark Smith

Mark's responsibilities include mentoring and coaching local presidents in the JCI Yorkshire  region, chairing and co-ordinating regional activities and events (including the Yorkshire Forum),  supporting regional & national events, and representing the region & its chambers as a National Board liaison. Mark will be working to bring the Yorkshire chambers closer together to share best  practice and support each others' events.

Southern Regional Group Chairman: Jasmine Lambert

Jasmine's responsibilities include mentoring and coaching local presidents in the JCI South region, chairing and co-ordinating regional activities and events (including the South Forum), supporting regional & national events, and representing the region & its chambers as a National Board liaison. Jasmine will be working to bring the Southern chambers closer together to share best practice and support each others' events.

Personal Development Director: Bianca Boyce

Bianca is responsible for the organisation of all things training related and will support the local Personal Development Directors in sourcing trainers and running courses. 

Opportunities on JCI UK National Board

Want to get more involved in JCI UK in 2017? If so there are various positions available and please contact 2017 National President Michael Steel for more details! Positions include:

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