Emma Eastwood

Portraits » 2012 » emma cropped.jpgWhat is your role on national board?
Immediate Past President and head of the new chamber task force.

What are your objectives for your role in 2014?
To support our current national president and her team and to work to help establish new JCI chambers in the UK.

How long have you been involved?
I have been a member of JCI since 2006.

Where are you from?
I'm from Leicester originally but have lived in Leeds for the last 17.

Which is your local chamber?
JCI Leeds

Why did you join?
I joined to meet people outside of my professional sector of property. I've since got involved in so many other ways including training and community projects.

Which international events have you been to?
I've travelled to events all over the UK as well as Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Brazil, Sweden and Monaco.

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to keep myself busy but when I get some quiet time I love to read a good mystery book.

What's your profession?
 I'm an estate agent and have worked for my current company Morgans for nearly 15 years!

Share a little known fact about yourself?
Everyone knows everything about me! What you see is what you get!

How can we get in touch with you?
You can email me at emma.eastwood@jciuk.org.uk

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